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  • Frisk
  • Sonic (Sans)
  • Manic (Papyrus)
  • Sticks (Undyne)
  • Amy rose (Toriel)
  • Silver (Asgore)
  • Blaze (Alphys)
  • Espio (Netablook)
  • Shadow (Mad Dummy)
  • Eggman the Robotnik rose (Flowey the Flower)
  • Scourge (Mettaton EX)
  • Sonic EXE (Mettaton Neo)
  • Sanic (Mettaton)
  • Rouge (Muffet)
  • Tails (Monster Kid)
  • Chao (Temmie)
  • Egg Emperor (Omega Flowey)
  • Kimbel Rose (Asriel)
  • Adult Kimbel (Asriel Adult form)
  • Neo Kimbel (Asriel Monsterous God form)
  • error of boss (error sans)
  • error of spear (error undye)
  • error of brother (error papyrus)
  • final of all bosses (ultra sans)

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