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A child is destined to fall down and save us all. They will be our brand new hope, but sooner or later everything will change. They will no longer be our hope but a nightmare. They will be feared... they are the armageddon of this world and once they reach the end... we are never coming back
— - Flowey reading The Royal Prophecy to Frisk...
Underlit is au (alternate universe) where Frisk falls down in a world full of shadows and darkness. Despite their power to reset and physical determination, they managed to finish a full pacifist run before have their so called "fun". Sans, Flowey, Soul, and Chara managed to work together to keep track of the counted resets so far. After many timelines reseted, Frisk finishes with a genocidal timeline. Soon Flowey takes action and stops Frisk from going back by destroying their personal reset and file reset. Frisk got so angry, their hate, lv (love), and determination once again created a power that can reset the world. Flowey couldn't stop them from resetting but things went wrong once they did, (oh by the way both flowey and frisk are dead and managed to travel to frisk's file, but how you ask, umm that remains unknown) The consequences were that their world was terminated and erased and only 1 person survived the corruption of their terminated world...

Past History

Long ago, the first human fell down which was Chara who was seen Asriel and was brought home. Later after Chara's fall, the second human fell named Maggie who was also seen by the two best friends. Soon they became a loving family with Toriel and Asgore. Soon as the days passed, Chara and Asriel excuted their plan of getting seven human souls. After they failed and died, the king declared war against the humans and the humans were victorous. As the consequences of the declared war, humans of course created the barrier and casted a curse for darkness to lurk, making humans fear mount ebott. Maggie, the second child was forgotten by many monsters and had started their journey to finding their best friends in a dark world. After crossing the barrier many times with their soul, they were killed by the king of the underground, Asgore. Maggie is one of the first souls that was killed by the king.

As the humans fell into the underground, the royal scientist, Dr Gaster has tried to stop the core explosion by creating a magic shield around his creation. Sans tried to make an attempt to save Gaster but Sans was teleported by Gaster knowing it was useless to save him. Gaster was scattered across time and space when the core exploded and no more light leaked in Mount Ebott expect in the throne room, Last corridor, and the entrance to the underground. Monster had to find a different way to light the underground as well as their hopes.

About the AU

When Frisk fell into the underground, they were greeted and healed by Flowey due to the fact that they were wounded. Their combat systems are different than the original game. Instead of magic attacks, monsters use weapons such as swords, knives, and their original weapon such as Undyne who still uses a spear as her weapon and many more characters as well. The reason why this world erased in the end is because Frisk made a dangerous power called Terminate. Terminate is a power that can restart the story from beginning and oh there is more... i just dont want to explain it. By the way the monsters found a way of lighting the underground by using fire from a magic generator and that generator is the Core, yes someone rebuilted the core from the explosion after Dr Gaster died but not all of it, just most of it. Some of the antagonists in the original game are befriended with the characters such as Flowey and Chara who befriended Sans in the au. These are just the examples of the monsters the befriended. The underground wasn't dark back when Chara fell down, it started or happened after the war against humans and monsters.


  • Frisk- they have a bob haircut w/ bangs, cloth over their left eye, teal turtleneck, purple and pink striped

    The appearance of the cast of Underlit..

    sweatshirt, dark blue jumpers, and brown boots.
  • Chara- they also have a bob w/ bangs, red eyes, dark green long sleeved shirt, green and yellow striped sweatshirt, tan shorts over dark brown pants, and mauve boots.
  • Flowey- Still the same yellow petals, green leaves and, greed stem.
  • Sans- he has short sleeved blue jacket over dark blue long sleeved shirt, grey turtleneck shirt (short sleeved), black shorts with blue stripes, dark blue pants, and dark brown boots with blue stripes.
  • Soul- she has long dark brown hair, brown eyes, dark purple collar and purple shirt with white stripes at the end, grey skirt with shorts, long sleeved grey shirt, and mauve boots.
  • Asriel- he has green eyes, green and yellow striped turtleneck sweatshirt, brown shorts, blue boots.
  • Toriel- she has tan eyes, purple dress with the delta rune, purple short cloak, purple pants, and brown boots.
  • Papyrus- he has grey armour, red faded scarf, some blue clothing (around arms and legs), delta rune on the chest, grey boots (metal), and yellow belt (attached to the armour) with an upside down red heart.
  • Alphys- she has orange eyes, lab coat tied around her shoulders, yellow faded dress with a purple collar and purple lining on the edge, and purple boots.
  • Mettaton Ex- they have one pink highlight on their bangs, a pink eye, dark purple hair, dark purple armour, dark purple clothing (arms), pink boots, pink heart and white upside down heart around the "core",and original parts from Ut (undertale) mettaton ex.
  • Undyne- she has dark blue and purple armour, one white and grey glove, dark blue leggings, red hair, light blue skin, and grey boots.
  • Asgore- purple cape, yellow hair, yellowish orange eyes, pale brown and yellow armour, yellow boots, brown clothing (around the arms and legs), and a crown.

(Noted: Most characters have a delta rune badge attached onto them expect Flowey, Frisk, Chara, Toriel, Asgore, Papyrus, and Asriel.)

Characters Changes

  • Frisk- (You are filled with Determination) Frisk is still the protaganist in the story but also playing as an antagonist as well. Since the original antagonists in the game have befriended some of the characters, Frisk takes over the antagonist's job to mess up the world and the timelines.They are considered to be narcissistic after they found out they can do what ever they want with their determination. When they did fell down, they were very confused but as they were gaining deeper knowledge of their abilities, they began exploring their options and curiosity began to wander. They were the reason why this world was erased in the end because they discover a forbidden power, Terminate.
  • Flowey- Flowey is Frisk's guide and protecter in the underground. He also guided the other six humans as well before you know.. Flowey taught them many things including in what to do in battle and how to use a weapon. He also works with Sans, Soul, and Chara to kee track on counted timelines
  • Chara- (greetings i am chara, the demon who comes when people calls it's name..) Well chara is no longer "demon" in this story. Chara is a frisk's partner and oh not even frisk knows that they are with them. They have befriended a lot of monsters, they still hate humanity, and has still kept the killer attitude but they're still are quite kind. Chara and Flowey do fight a lot when they are together checking in with the updates with Sans and Soul about the timelines. They only appear when frisk types CHARA into their file and during the Asriel fight as well.
  • Sans- the true judge comes to punish you for what you did, but before he turned to be self proclaimed judge, he has gone through many things. Sans is Papyrus' brother and also Frisk's third guardian in secret, but how you ask? Well after Frisk exits the ruins with Flowey, it's Sans' chance to learn more about the human which is basically Frisk. He has done this for quite a while ever since humans had started falling... it's became a habit for him. Sans also watches Frisk's every move like in the original game in order to judge their actions and what the results or consquences they will to face. Frisk doesn't really notice that Sans protects them because it looks like he doesnt to much at all to protect them, but the truth is the guys does a lot, Sans acually cares about Frisk not in a romantic way.. Ehem! He doesnt do it because of the promise that he made but because he beileves that Frisk is a new hope, and after a genocide run, he had lost trust in Frisk .
  • Papyrus- ( Nyeh heh heh, it is time to read my story, fellow humans!!) Papyrus is a trainee in the royal guard, yup you heard me he is in the guard. We all know that Papyrus had a dream of being in the guard am i right. The truth is that Papyrus is not really a guard because due to the fact that he has to do killing duties, it kinda ruins his kind personality. Papyrus remains in that positions for now.
  • Asriel- Howdy it's flufflygoat's turn to have their story out to the world. Asriel is Chara's best friend, also Toriel's and Asgore's son. He was the last monster to be battled by Frisk in the pacifist run. You also get to go with him to the surface after the barrier is broken, but only for a short while.
  • Undyne- (NYAHHHHH!!!) You know who that is, yup thats the true hero aka Undyne. Undyne is the captain of the guard and is in love with Alphys. She has killed some humans in her days, so did Asgore, but we all know that Undyne is a piano player and how, errr that remains unknown... With Frisk's being in the underground, Undyne has a tough challenge ahead of her.
  • Alphys- Alphys is the current royal scientist and Frisk's fourth protector in one the hottest regions in the underground. She is also in love with Undyne too. Her journey had started with Sans quitting the position of being the next scientist since ya know he was the assistant of the previous one. I admit it, Alphys is a quite a nerd but to tell you she may be an anime lover but she was the one who found out on how to rebuilt the Core and found a way to light the underground.

(PS: not all character roles are not on here due to the fact the're one reason. This is reason is that some of the roles are the basic roles like the ones in the game... )

Fun facts

  1. Dr Gaster was the founder of Terminate due to the fact that he wanted to find something new dealing with Dt or aka determination. As he began to experiment on his new creation, for some reason he started in the beginnning of Chara's fall....(hmmm what does that mean...)
  2. Chara is the narrator of the story. If you don't know what i mean, here's an example on one of the runs (Knowing one day the mouse will get the cheese, it fills you with Determination...) the save point at the Ruins, by the mouse hole is said by Chara.
  3. Dr Gaster is not the father of Sans and Papyrus in this au. Gaster is consindered to be a close friend to them then a father.
  4. There isn't a hardcore mode due to the fact that the battles are already difficult. We don't need to make harder for the protagonist. Beside there is already 3 routes Genocide, Pacifist, and Neutral and that's good enough for me and them.
  5. Sans is a bit stronger than the original one in the game. Sans has 2 attack and 2 defense with 2 hp. He is still consindered the easiest and weakest in the au.
  6. The considered meaning of the word "Lit" is past participle of light1. There is a link if you are confused to what i mean.

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