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Underjail is an AU where the monsters are either guards or prisoners at a jail in the Underground. The jail is called the Underground Correctional Facility, or UCF for short.


The characters that are serving a sentence for crimes in UCF.

  • Sans was arrested for scamming, theft and jaywalking.
  • Asgore was arrested for murder.
  • Maddaton was arrested for assaulting an officer.
  • Bratty and Catty were arrested for theft.
  • Burgerpants was arrested for underage drug usage.
  • Styx was arrested for vandalizing and assaulting an officer.
  • Mae was arrested for a failed B&E.
  • Muffet was arrested for cannibalism.
  • Giovanni was arrested for murder.
  • Cyclia was arrested for destroying property and assault.
  • Chito was arrested for disorderly conduct.


The characters whose job is to make sure prisoners don't escape.


I will accept OCs for this, and if I see them, I will allow them to become canon.

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