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Underground Location is an Undertale AU created by GoldenDust66. It is mainly based off of FNaF: Sister Location with some elements from the other FNaF games.


Michael Afton

Michael Afton takes the Player/Protagonist Role. He goes down to the Underground via elevator. When he gets down there, the elevator breaks. Now, he must choose a path. Either go Pacifist to free them all, or turn them all to scrap metal.


Rainbow takes the Empty One Role. She tries to trick Michael with 'friendliness pellets', which are actually harmful bullets.


HandUnit takes the Caretaker Role. He guides you through the [RUINS]. Instead of fireballs, he uses electric shocks.

Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy takes the Judge Role. He's still with his Bonnie puppet, but...


Bon-Bon takes the Ambitious Role. In this AU, Bon-Bon is a she. She wants to capture a nightguard and join the Royal Guard.

Funtime Foxy

Funtime Foxy is captain of the Royal Guard. To ease writing, Funtime Foxy is a she. She hunts Michael through [WATERFALL].

Funtime Lolbit

Lolbit (who is ALSO a she) takes the Royal Scientist Role. She is also the creator of Balloraton.


Balloraton takes the Celebrity Role. She is the sole star of the Sister Location.

Circus Baby

Circus Baby takes the Monarch Role. She is the queen of the Underground.

Y. E. Endo

Y. E. Endo takes the Forgotten Scientist Role. Not much is known about him.


Bidybab takes the Soulless Angel Role. She died and was reincarnated as a rainbow.


Ennard takes the Fallen Role. You encounter him at the end of a Genocide Route.

Minor Characters

Crying Child

Crying Child takes the Recluse Role.

Balloon Boy

Balloon Boy takes the Idolizer Role.


  • Your Best Friend -> Your Rainbow Friend
  • Heartbreak -> Exotic Heartbreak
  • sans. -> fred.
  • Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans -> Song That Most Likely Won't Play When You Have An Encounter With Funtime Freddy
  • Bonetrousle -> Bontrousle
  • Spear of Justice -> Hook of Justice!!
  • Alphys -> Lolbit
  • Metal Crusher -> Metal Dancer
  • Death by Glamour -> Death by Ballet
  • The Power of NEO -> The Strength of NEO
  • Bergentrückung -> Königin der Roboter


  • 'Königin der Roboter' translates to 'Queen of robots'.
  • Michael Afton, when going down the Genocide Route, actually starts decaying. This is a reference to the Custom Night minigames.
  • It is majorly implied that Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon actually have crushes on each other.

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