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About Undergrey

Undergrey is a unique AU. Undergrey is one of the only alternate universes that have features that are not like other alternate universes. For example, Chara from Undertale is part of the universe and has a very big role to play. In this AU, Chara plays the role of the anti-hero or the "powerful one but doesn't use the power given" instead of the villain despite what is thought. Chara has the "Sans" personality type, laid back and aware. Chara also has the personality type of an "anti-villain". This was displayed clearly when the creator of this universe was about to finish the universe but failed. This creator has been blocked from the website "Tumbler." Grey!Asriel, who plays as the main character as well as the side character, only has a slight difference to the classic Asriel. Grey!Asriel has the personality of the classic, but a bit smarter. He is aware of the multiple alternate universes and timelines and has deep knowledge of every single pixel surrounding him, and he even has knowledge of the fourth wall! Another change in this universe is Sans and Papyrus. The skeleton brothers managed to get into the Royal Guard with a title to prove it. Sans is still the lazy skeleton that we all know and love, but news has spread around about his hidden powers which got him in the Royal Guard first. Papyrus didn't get into the Royal Guard because of attacks and other stuff, but because of the power of his manipulation and confidence. This AU is called "Undergrey" because this Au's characters is hidden in between the files of Undertale, so this AU can't produce color.


The child from Undertale who is Chara has accidentally have fallen down into the Undergrey AU by trying to erase the world, and Grey!Asriel has found them. Asriel brings Chara to their home, and tells them how rare color is around here. They became best friends with matching silver lockets to show their gratitude to each other. Grey!Chara has the original Asriel's necklace too. In fact, Chara wears both lockets at the same time, the gold locket, and the silver one from Undergrey. Asriel soon tells Chara about the multiple universes living in one, which for some reason, doesn't surprise them. They encounter many problems, such as gathering unwanted attention from the green color Chara wears. This drives Chara to wear Asriel's grey clothes and hide the golden locket under their sweater. Chara makes many friends, such as Napstablook and Papyrus. Everything was beautiful, until the world started to erase. The creator accidentally released a virus into the game's files which released a sickness called "Grey." All people became bland, without emotion or personality, glitched out, and eventually became dust. This included everyone, but Grey!Chara. Since Chara is from another world, how Chara is the only human in this Au, and how this sickness only targets monsters, this sickness didn't effect Chara. Everyone Chara loved, died. Chara became slowly lost their determination and gained a new soul trait that is the color of silver, prediction. Chara took the top hat from Napstablook and the scarf from Papyrus and wore it to remember everyone. Eventually, the virus infected the buildings, soon the ground, then the sky. Chara's favorite AU slowly died and became in a void like state. Grey!Chara gained abilities like Error!Sans and hid in between the game files to watch over games and made sure this virus never happened to any other game.

Character Looks

Chara has the base of the original Chara but has a grey texture. The sweater that Chara uses has grey scale colors, and has a grey diagonal slash going across from the sweater to the end that is about the same size of the line going across. Chara wears a black fedora, a black long scarf, and wears two lockets, a golden one, and a silver one. Chara has really pale skin and the reddish pinkish cheeks that the original Chara had, is gone. The color of the cheeks are replaced with a dark grey color. Their hair remains the same, but the roots of the hair are black, and the dark color continues till the middle point. Chara's pupils are dilated at all times. Chara's pupil dilatation is because they are always in pain. Pain is one reason an eye dilates. Chara's body is not built for traveling into other universes or files so Chara's body constantly tries to break down but fails and and rebuilds because of their soul trail. This causes great pain to Chara, so when you see Grey!Chara, you will often see a trail of black and grey dust behind them and the dust would change the atmosphere of the universe they are in. They hide their pain by laughter, so if you see them, they would often start laughing in the middle of your sentence. When Chara laughs, Chara usually cries sadly while laughing, which makes their conversation very awkward and sad very fast, but to be the one to remind you, this "crying laughter" only exists when you mention their world. Chara's pupils are not red like the original Chara's, but the eye color is the color grey. Grey eye color in our universe means wisdom, mystery, strength, leadership, sensitive, profound, and many others, which explains this Chara greatly. Chara's shoes look somewhat like tap dance shoes. These shoes are black and leather made. Chara has required this when Grey!Asriel had given it to them on their birthday.

Asriel has the base of the original character Asriel, but with a grey scale, like Chara. Asriel has a similar grey slash going across his sweater, but the slash is on the back and front of the sweater and in the middle of his sweater on the back, the slash comes off the sweater giving the illusion of a sideways scarf. Grey!Asriel usually wears a hoodie that is attached to their sweater. This hoodie has a point at the end and is not that large, but it is large enough to hide their eyes. This hoodie is also the color black. This Asriel is usually cheerful and cuddly like the original Asriel, but this Asriel is smarter. Asriel from this AU knows about the multiple undertale universes, so when you meet him, he would often look like he is in thought, thinking about what his universe is, or some other strange thing, or he's staring off into the distance. Grey!Asriel was the first one to die by the "Grey" virus, so if you saw him in "Grey" form, it might scare you. Asriel sometimes wears his dads glasses at home to role-play or just feel smart. The glasses are round and the wires of the glasses are thin. The lens are thin and durable. Asriel wears brown or grey pants, but mostly grey pants, not to bring attention. Asriel always looked onto Chara for help, which made Chara like Asriel even more. Asriel is a year older than Chara, and Asriel is a half an inch taller than them, which led to a lot of playful teasing. Even though this was Chara, Chara didn't bother much about it. Asrielhas yellowish greenish eyes

Every other character in this AU had no colors other than variations of grey, black, or white.


Chara's personality in this AU is very mysterious. They never told anyone their name other than Asriel. They told everyone to call them "C" or "R". Chara is very playful and smart. For example, They entered a chess tournament and won against all of monster kind. They are playful in a manner that is the laid back type, or as in the Shift!Chara's type of playful.


Once apon a time, humans and monsters were living happily together. One day, both monsters and humans decided this wasn't right, so they split up the land. The monsters would always be at the north side, and humans at the south. A minor illness spread along the southern side of the Earth, called the "grey." Almost all of humanity died from it, all except Grey!Frisk. This Frisk looks like the original Frisk. This Frisk wanted to retreat the humans back into the north and break the barrier, for Frisk loved humanity. But for Monster kind, this is a very bad thing, for the thing is, this would spread the virus onto them. The monsters put all the effort to keep the barrier up, and won. All of humanity died accidentally because of a virus. Soon monsters started spreading rumors about color being the cause of this. The rumors got out of hand. King Asgore knew this rumor wasn't true, but put up a law to keep his people happy. He put up a law that if anyone wore color, they would be executed. The monsters were happy, but not Asgore. Soon more rumors were spread. New laws were put up. When the rumors stopped, color was banned. Asriel was against all of this. He wanted to keep his green eyes. Asgore did not want to kill his own son for having green eyes, so he bought him a large hood to cover his eyes. Asriel loved color, or someone who has lived with color for their life and had it taken away from them. That's where Grey!Chara comes in. When Asriel saw Chara wearing color, he wanted immediately to be their friend.

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