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Undergrade is an AU where unfamiliar characters exist, and the original characters were scrapped. The only non-changed characters were the Annoying Dog and Papyrus.



  • In the role of Flowey, there is Bikki.
  • In the role of Toriel, There is Nijata (Originally going to be Tokyo)
  • In the role of Napstablook, There is Tired (its a joke.)
  • In the role of Sans, there is Marke.
  • In the role of Papyrus, there is... Papyrus.
  • In the role of Undyne, there is Kyra. (Originally going to be Poisogrid)
  • In the role of Alphys there is Sci.
  • In the role of Mettaton there is Skymulation.
  • In the role of Mettaton EX there is Skymulation V2 Omega.
  • In the role of Asgore there is GB (Short For Gasterri Blester.)


  • Ruins is replaced with an unnamed location based on Tokyo.
  • Snowdin is replaced with an unnamed location based on England in Winter.
  • Waterfall is replaced with an unnamed location based on Australia in Winter (it rains alot here.)
  • Hotland is replaced with an unnamed location based on Central Australia in Summer (woah)


This part is narrated by Bikki, cuz why not?

Ok, so... Where's my script? Ok... long ago, humans Vs monsters Blah BLAH I DON'T CARE. Listen, I'm only doing this because it's "Paid Voice Over Talent" or something. Let's just get to the point.

A human by the name of Hope falls down a deep cave in Tobbe Hill. Actually, that's UnderTale's script... AHA! There is the script!

A glitch is found in a game that a human by the name of HopePlays, and sucks them into the computer. Then I appear, talk to them, get cut in the face with a shuriken, Blah Blah Spoilers. Ok, Im really not caring right now because I just want to live my life and not have to be in this stupid game that is never going to come out. [1]

The part of the plot that doesn't exist at all[2]


  1. It's true, I don't think this game is going to come out any time soon.
  2. heh

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