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Underfresh is an AU where everyone speaks in l33t (leet/internet language) and is traditionally draw in a MS paint scribble format, though any other way is fine. Everyone wears 'swag' clothes and sunglasses, uses skateboards, and protects the impressionable youth from doing drugs. There are a lot of bright colours and explosions as well. This AU has also recently turned into a sort of 'infection', which means there is an Underfell version of this as well.,

About the AU

In this world, it’s sk8 or be sk8. This AU is a comedic parody of Undertale characters as 90′s skater culture mixed with the meme culture of the 2010′s. All of the characters wear bright pastel colors and have various sayings, slang, and memes all over their attire. Papyrus is the only one unchanged, still wearing his Cool Dude attire. UnderFresh was created by LoverOfPiggies on Tumblr.

The Creator of UnderFresh, LoverOfPiggies, has had Fresh!Sans pop up in most of her UnderTale related works. Revealed during a few panels of Ask Error, a Sans, flipping in and out of a "Fresh" state, talks about a depressing topic. It is implied that UnderFresh is not only an AU, but an infectious AU, capable of taking over other AUs. For every AU, there is a Fresh version.

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