(Old and outdated) Picture of Underference Temmie

"Maybe if you had just been a good little fandom like your friends Earthbound and Kirby, maybe, just maybe, this wouldn't have happened!"

-Underference Temmie

Underference is an AU that's based around trying to kill the Undertale fandom in it's tracks, as in the story the people that fell down killed multiple monsters. In the storyline, Annoying Dog kills himself because of this (the fandom, not everyone stopping the fandom).


Underference Temmie is a Tem with cuts and bruises all over her. Her shirt is ripped, her hair is tangled, and her soul sometimes glitches from a white monster soul to a white human soul ever since her discovery upon the "Reality" AU. She has blood and dust all over her legs, and also has bald spots all over her body from when it was ripped out while being attacked. She has fur the color of an eggshell and hair pure black, unlike most of the other Temmies in the timeline.

Weapons And Abilities

She has blue and yellow Temmie Flakes along with giant cat paws with claws that grow and shrink, presumably the claws are made out of a mixture of lead and graphite. She will use her arm, like in the original game. She has blue and orange circles that come at you in a line. She also has giant claws that come up out of the ground. Like Mettaton, one of her attacks involves you having to press a button to escape a certain attack. This is a modified version of the Temmie thingy in special enemy Temmie's battle.

Temmie EX

Temmie EX is an undead/undying form of Underference Temmie. She has normal Temmie's attacks, but she also steals certain monsters souls from your ITEM box. She uses the monster SOULs to her advantage. These are the powers that she uses:

Sans: Blasters

Muffet: Spiders/Croissants + Purple Soul Mode

Papyrus: Bone Parkour

Dogi: Axe

Justice: Gun

Integrity: Ballet Shoes

So Sorry: Doodlebogs

Perseverance: Notebook/Words

Determination: Locket

Toriel: Spraying Fire

Patience: Knife

Mettaton: Legs + Rewind

Bravery: Gloves

Kindness: Eggs

Asgore: Rings of Fire

Undyne: Spears (unfair) + Green Soul Mode

Alphys: Space Invaders Mettatons

Monster Kid: Tail

Asriel: Hyper Goner

She heals when done using the monster souls, but not after using the human souls.


Underference Temmie is a feisty maniac. She is hyper, overly-confident and angry at the anon that challenges her. She feels deep sorrow for the memories of the past, and is homicidal and always ready for a fight. She attacks harder every time you die.

Much to her disadvantage, she has extreme arachnophobia. In her Temmie EX battle, she will not use Muffet's soul to it's full potential for this exact reason. The only others who know about this are Asriel, So Sorry and Muffet herself. Muffet keeps her distance from Temmie.

Temmie has such a strong distaste towards Yandere Simulator and Earthbound that when someone brings one of those two games up, she threatens to delete the timeline and then runs away to cool off.

Ever since she saw Underference Dog kill himself, she has been thinking about killing herself so that he would have a friend, but in the alternate version of this timeline (Insanityference) she instead plots revenge and tortures the other characters in the game to break him.


Annoying Dog
This information is based on alternate scenes or materials, and is not considered canon within the overall plot of the AU series.
CFtale Sans (Control Freak Sans) She once saw him in the Neutral AU corrupting everyone, and has been watching out for him ever since.

Scartale Sans When she went into the Omega Timeline, she saw him being a huge jerk to Underswap Sans. She has also been watching out for him, as well.

Underpants Sans She finds great distaste in him, and his song (Mogolovonio) gives her a small headache

Undersweetie Sans She has questioned him many times, but she's friendly with him.

Delta!Sans Although he has never noticed her stalking him, Temmie admires his work and has been trying to summon up the courage to ask him about what he did after his AU was abolished. She also wants to be his friend.

Underswap Sans Temmie helped him once and has been friends with him ever since.

Core!Frisk Temmie knows Core!Frisk and is a good friend of hers.

Temmie owns Core!Frisk's, Underpants Sans' and Underswap Sans' phone number, along with the number's of her AU partners.


  • She has been wanting to help the BATIM fandom.
  • Temmie has no crush, never has, and never will love anyone.
  • Temmie suffers from insanity and is an emo although she does a good job of covering that information up.
  • Temmie likes the show The Walking Dead (despite the fact that she's only seen three episodes).
  • Temmie hates Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas and Good Friday. She likes Easter and New Year's, however.
  • Temmie hates the show Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock.
  • Temmie is a fan of Green Day and Nirvana.

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