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Underference is an AU that's based around trying to kill the Undertale fandom in it's tracks, as in the story the people that fell down killed multiple monsters. In the storyline, Annoying Dog kills himself because of this (the fandom, not everyone stopping the fandom).

Major Changes

  • Anons take the monsters SOULs for making OCs
  • Sans is dead
  • Papyrus is dead
  • Chara is dead(er)
  • Frisk is dead
  • Annoying Dog (Toby Fox) is dead
  • Asriel can change into Flowey at will
  • There are many more SOUL types
  • Temmie is the main antagonist
  • No help
  • Puzzles are harder
  • No Pacifist/Neutral Route
  • Annoying Dog's ghost helps Temmie during the first phase of her battle
  • Annoying Dog's ghost is absent throughout the second phase of Temmie's battle
  • Monster Kid has attacks
  • Goner Kid isn't "gone" anymore
  • So Sorry is no longer a secret boss
  • Artificial SOULs exist
  • Asriel and Temmie have artificial SOULs
  • Gaster is alive
  • Temmie has the second most DETERMINATION, and if the anons were to leave, she would heave the abilities to SAVE and RESET
  • The game is unplayable after a Genocide Route
  • Temmie has knowledge of AUs and out-code characters
  • Temmie's theme is a mix of all of the themes (including the unused ones)
  • Temmie is the final boss
  • Asgore is no longer interested in Toriel
  • Annoying Dog hates you
  • Temmie hates you
  • Everyone hates you, actually
  • Undyne can change into Undyne the Undying at will
  • Mettaton can change into any of his forms at will
  • You can harm Mettaton's box form


(From Temmie's perspective. I also got lazy and stopped putting in spaces after punctuation a little bit in the story. Beware of my laziness. And unholy topics.)

Hoi, I’m Temmie. Huh? I’m not speaking normal-ah, what do you know about normal? Anyway, nothing's normal anymore. Guess I fit right in.

Muffet’s a baiter, Mettaton’s a swordfighter, and me? Well, I control the timeline.

My AU is Undertale-with a small casualty. The fandom. Here’s how it all started:

Temmie Village seemed quiet. When I looked outside my shop, the Temmies (and Bob) were gone. Suddenly, Undyne the Undying, Flowey, Toriel,Mettaton NEO, Muffet and Alphys were racing to the TEM statue.I got snagged on Mettaton’s little thingy above his arm.They hid behind the TEM statue-and watched the horror before them.What I saw was horrible:

Sans,Papyrus,Frisk,Chara.They were trapped in a circle of anons.Like Ku Klux Klan,their only plan was to destroy.They fought,but the monsters fought back.A couple hours later,the monsters almost lost,and we would’ve been dead,if Flowey hadn’t taken the lead.He bopped underground and re-appeared in front of Sans,Papyrus,Frisk and Chara.He was doing good at first,but soon,30 minutes later,a multi-colored flash almost gave me a seizure.When I woke up,Flowey-or should I say Asriel-was in the bed beside me.Alphys told me what happened.

“A couple of p-people fell into the Underground a-a while ago.They weren’t like the first e-eight humans,because they didn’t have souls.They’d be invincible outside the bullet board.Flowey told us what he saw.I understood Flowey-because I too speak the f-fandom language-and I explained to the others.We went outside,and found Sans’ dust.The people snatched his s-soul up in a jar,and bolted.Later,m-more ‘anons’ fell down.They outnumbered the U-Underground.I-I’m not sure why,but I gave them a-artificial souls.The souls were w-weakened.We raced to Tem Village,it has hiding places.They struck you,Tem.They struck you,and I saved you-for real this time.Go to the dog behind the door i-in Snowdin.See if y-you can ask h-him for help.”

I ran to Snowdin,and went to the door.I slammed against it once,twice,thrice.When I opened the door,a dog lay dead on the floor.I ran to the computer.Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye,Dog’s soul was cracking.Despite what you think,I’m not stupid,I know what a monster soul looks like.An upside-down heart.But,Dog’s soul was actually a white normal heart.I checked the computer.What I saw he say wasn’t nice.At all.Then,as I walked out,I stumbled upon some tapes.Some were just old music cassettes,labeled “Happy Town” and “Dogtroid” and “Meat Factory” and “Star”.But one caught my eye.It was labeled “Reality”.I don’t know much about that AU,except that Dog and I are humans with different names.Dog’s name is really Toby Fox (I didn’t know),and mine’s pretty much the same.Except,instead of “Tem the Temmie”,it’s Temmie Chang.I don’t get what this AU is.It’s weird.Only Dog (excuse me,Toby) and I exist.Yeah,I don’t even know anymore.Then it occured to me-I could take over!Since I existed in that universe,I could do it!So I got to the computer and started playing with his Twitter account.Five hours had past when I went to see Alphys.She told me news that I knew.

“Dog’s gone.”

I walked past her-and fell asleep.


What everything means

An owner of the timeline is pretty self-explanatory. You own the timeline. Big deal. A baiter is someone who uses them self as bait, usually as a distraction. A spy means that you spy on the others. A swordfighter means that you fight with swords, and a gunshooter mens that you fire at the enemies...with a gun. Bombers bomb the Underground up to the CORE.

The actual roles

Temmie: Owner of the timeline

Baiter: Muffet

Baiter: Toriel

Baiter: So Sorry

Baiter: Dogamy

Baiter Dogaressa

Spy: Asriel

Spy: Alphys

Spy: Napstablook

Spy: Mad Dummy

Swordfighter: Mettaton

Swordfighter: Undyne

Swordfighter: Asgore

Swordfighter: Madjick

Gunshooter: Monster Kid

Gunshooter: gaster

Gunshooter: Monster Kid

Gunshooter: Riverwoman