There has been no hope for many years in this world. There is not much time left, the human leaving the land in ruin. Humans, having long ago forgotten about the monsters, have disappeared without a trace. One day the last human appeared in the underground and, understandably the monsters did not react calmly. All in all there were a few upgraded characters:

  • Undyne The Unfailing
  • The Infinitely great dog (Mighty Dog of All Knowledge)
  • Xylpha (after sans dies she becomes battle form)
  • Sans
  • Papyrus
  • Gastor
  • Enraged Training Unit
  • Mettaton MEGA NEO
  • Asriel God of Hyper Vengeance

They are all ready to destroy and get revenge, so this is perfect, so the killing of the last human shall commence. the underground became a land of one mission: kill the human. Everything is ruined and yet everyone is more powerful than ever. As the human travels the land their sins follow. Magic is much more common, being the source of the power of many. The land has payed its final toll on the human, will they snap and kill or remain calm and retrebute their sins. The sudden reveal is that there arre more humans who have excepted the way of the underground that are excepted:

  • Hanagreatinith
  • Xylpha
  • The forgotten human

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