This AU started because of one mistake. After years of torture from G!:@%r sans decided to get revenge. After learning he had made a machine to go into the future he tried to find it. It had been smashed and broken so he had to fix it, after all the work he had put in it still didn't function... something was missing. so he did some reading and discovered he needed determination for it to work. He set out towards the ruined door he had found years earlier, where he had made the promise to not hurt anyone who passed through. He waited and waited until suddenly someone came through. Quickly he killed them and picked up there soul, in doing so he absorbed it but he shrugged it off because why would it stop the machine working? When he got back the machine detected the determination and started to fire up. Sadly it needed the soul to be inside the machine and started to break sans'. Quickly he jumped through the portal, to get a glimpse before his soul completely shattered. Luckily this prevented the soul breaking, this was some sort of void. Eventually he ran into a kid that looked kind of familiar and tried to kill them, so he could at least have A soul, this was out of character but he cant feel empathy remember? When this failed the child slashed and sans' jacket but in this void no damage could be done so both parties were fine. The child agreed to let sans absorb their soul. When he stepped back through the portal the world was glitched and distorted, he had made a paradox by killing that child. This was the same one. The human took over and sans was forced to watch as "he" killed every single monster in the underground. he looked at his LV and noticed right beside it, it said the name "Chara."

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