Undercrisis Sans and The Undercrisis İs Made by Wattpad User Cotton Candy Emperor

Main Role İn Story

Hes The main Protagonist if Player Chooses Sans to play.

On Genocide Route hes the Main Antagonist ad Final Boss Against Player.

- Undercrisis Sans



Gaster is his Father and his motivator.

Gaster helps him very much in story.

Gaster and Sans are in a very good Father N Son Relationship.


Frisk is his old friend,ALSO his true nemesis in Genocide Route.

Frisk and Sans kinda hate eachother of a long time but they are Old Friends.

Sometimes they are brothers,sometimes they are enemies...this relationship of them is kinda random.


Chara is his Long Live Love/Crush and his Wife in Chapter 6 EP 3: THE END.

Chara and Sans are pretty good friends and they are soulmates.

Sans always is nervous around Chara and sometimes acts utterly stupid.

At the and of story they marry eachother and live together with their 3 kids.


Papyrus is his Younger Brother and His Nemesis/ Hugest Enemie.

Papyrus isa traitor to hirasm and he hates Papyrus very much.

At The End of Story he forgives Papyrus...

in stry he fights Papyrus 5 Times.

Little Red Slicing Hood

Little Red Slicing Hood or just Red for short.

Shes one of his oldest friends in Undercrisis,also She Helps him Attack King Asgore.

Sans and Red are ina neutral and simple Friend Relationship.


Cloister is his oldest Son.

Cloister Loves doing pranks on Sans and he loves listening Sans telling him about Science and Space

Cloister loves his family so much and cares about them. (Cloister is Gay.)


Eras is second son of Sans.

Hes just a baby,Sans loves him so much. Eras loves being with Gaster,Chara and Sans.


Arial is his daughter.

Arial is Lesbian like Cloister is gay XD

Ariel has a huge crush on someone.

Arial and Sans loves eachother and Arial loves sans being comedian.


Error!Sans is his nemesis. He hates Error same as Error hates him.

They Ussually figth to death but İnk always keeps making them get calm and we dont know how.

Error and Crisis wants to kill eachother and delete their codes forever.

Well They both are pretty strong so fights always ends with draw


İnk!Sans and Crisis!Sans are Palls.

i dont have anything much to say.

They are friends and thats all.


Classic and Crisis are Pun Palls and Ketchup palls.

They ussuallty get drunk together.


Core!Frisk is his AU Google XD

he asks Core!Frisk about AUs.

They are friends.


Fellswap!Sans and Crisis!Sans are enemies

They both are huge d****bags so they always fight about how Taco is perfect XD

They both are idiots sorry.


Hes pretty much of a Friend with Swapfell Sans.

They always prank Papurus when they go to Swapfell's Sunnedin (Snowdin) Biome.

Dusty (İnk!tale Self)

Dusty is İnktale OC self of Undercrisis Sans.

Dusty is shipped with a Frisk that we dont know their au.

Dusty is 15 years old.

Underinfinity Story Role

Hes one of Protagonist Sanses in Underİnfinity.

Lustland AU (His Lust Self)

hes shipped with every girl in Lustland XD

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