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Undercards is the online Undertale fan game made by Onutrem.


Undercards is a simple card game based on Hearthstone. In it you have to create your own card deck consisting of Undertale´s monsters to fight other players.


You must use your cards to defeat the opponents cards.



After the destruction of the enemy's card there is a possibility of the enemy attacking again. All players have 30 HP. Also,for each player there is a class that is based on eight human hearts, too, present level players. Each level of player is issued a set consisting of 4 random cards from their deck to fight with.


  • Decisiveness - the player with the determination has 3 lives. Each life lost, while the loss of all points the player's health.
  • Kindness - each turn your cards and you recovers 1 point of health.
  • Justice - each turn the random enemy card earns 1 point of damage.
  • Courage - you get the opportunity to take a card when your hands at least 3 card.
  • Patience - every monster opponent who gets inactive paralysis.
  • Honesty - returns 20% of the gold spent on the card. Each course gives 10 to 10 gold.
  • Perseverance - removes the enemy's recovery if its HP is less than 15, and gives a

50% chance to poison the player who attacks the forehead


In the battle

Each deck consists of 25 different cards. In total, you can put all 4 cards. In the hands can simultaneously is 7 cards.

Each card contains indicators such as rarity, attack, defense, and health. During enemy attacks, it causes damage equal to your number of attacks, and you dealt damage equal to its number of attacks.

All the cards are divided into two types: General and subsidiary. Auxiliary cards may cause special effect which affects how a card. Normal maps are random effect (Or he simply does not exist), which can affect the card. Also, the most common cards are able to attack

Outside of battle

In the menu, you can buy a pack of cards, or create one by crafting. To create any card you need dust which is obtained by spray cards. To create normal maps need to dust 40 units, for a rare - 100, epic - and the legendary 400 - 1600.

There are also brilliant card, they can be set up, but for the most tsenu.No spray and dust also given more.

In the store you can buy a pack of cards of gold, which you can get for victory in battle. In total there are two types of packages: White, which contain any 4 cards and super package, which contains 1 part of the map, 1 rare, 1 and 1 legendary epic.


  • During the search, the game can be played in one of the four mini-games.
  • somebody has created a hand-held version of this, however, it is not official.

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