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everything is pretty much like original Undertale, except every monster has their own beat, and they use their beat to fight/express themselves.



BEATS!Sans or UB!Sans is the most timid, he's also clueless due to being fixated to music all the time.He's still punny, like the other Sanses but he doesn't share his thoughts as much(He's worried that he might hurt someone with his words). He's mostly deep in his music and catching his attention requires you to actually either poke him, shake him or tickle him, whichever works. ok


UB!Papyrus is very brotherly, sweet and very caring. He loves taking care of his brother UB!Sans, in this Universe Papyrus acts like the big brother but at times when he feels down he will find comfort in UB!Sans. He's great at cooking his special white spaghetti, he cleans the house and tries to clean UB!Sans' room but finds it messy when he checks again.

Gaster (Maestro)

He's a genius composer and a brilliant inventor as well. That's how he got titled Maestro. He's a very proper gentleman, and likes everything neat and tidy. Using his baton, he can conjure music while instruments starts to show up like a real orchestra.

Beattale au dj flowey by kana the drifter-da2kxjf

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