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The Shadow of the Wiki has found a Self-Insert AU. Move it to UTAU-Self-Inserts-Aus Wiki or see it be Sliced.
*Have you thought about a world where everything is exactly the same...
*Except you don't exist?

This AU has no further presence online than this page.
<insert name here>,

UnderYou is yet another self insert AU (Make a page)

Major Characters

  • Natilie system takes the Protagonist/Player Role (Frisk)
  • The DarkestDecent takes the Empty One Role (Flowey)
  • Corly takes the Caretaker Role (Toriel)
  • SomeRandomWriter takes the Recluse Role (Napstablook)
  • ColtenEnsor06 (Me) takes The Judge Role (Sans)
  • AskGus takes the Ambitious Role (Papyrus)
  • Raytaygirltake the Captain of the Royal Guard Role (Undyne)
  • takes the Royal Scientist Role (Alphys)
  • JuicyLovesMC takes the Celebrity Role (Mettaton)
  • Jetrashipper takes the Soulless Angel Role (Asriel)
  • YourLittleVaporeon takes the Fallen Role (Chara)
  • Fusionx963 takes the Monarch Role (Asgore)

Minor Characters

  • MickRunner takes the Accidental God Role (Annoying Dog Role)
  • takes the Enraged Role (Mad Dummy)
  • Make3.0Shine takes the Idoliser Role (Monster Kid)
  • takes the Chaotic Villager Role (Temmie)
  • takes the Competent Villager Role (Bob)
  • takes the Outrageous Vender Role (Muffet)
  • Midnight takes the Restaurant Owner Role (Grillby)
  • takes the Oppressed Vender Role (Burgerpants)
  • takes the Club Member Role (So Sorry)
  • takes the Inactive Role (Ruins Dummy)
  • Soulpengu01183 takes the Transport Role (River Person)
  • takes the Cherished Role (The Bird That Takes You Over Disproportionately Small Gap)
  • Createsans takes The Forgotten Scientist Role (W.D. Gaster)
  • takes the Superfluous Role (Goner Kid)
  • takes the Enigmatic Dancer Role (Ragel)
  • takes the Secret Boss Role (Glyde)
  • takes the Trusting Role (Snowman)

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