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The Basic Idea

This is essentially Undertale, fused with Overwatch into a crazy, but hopefully fun, offspring. Each of the Undertale Characters are dressed like a Overwatch character, so picture a fusion of the two. Also the battles are now the one versus one duels from Overwatch, but you are given the choice to finish or spare your opponent.


*Flowey is the same as classic Flowey.*


Frisk is dressed in the yellow suit, chronal Accelerator, and Orange goggles of Tracer. Also, she can only reset using said device.

Anoriel? Tanna? (Help!)

Toriel is a support, duh, and will actually heal your during the duel if you start to die. She wears Anna's Shawl and eyepatch. She used to be married to Asgore 76


Napstablook is wearing Lucio's glass and has his sonic amplifier. Also, he's green. He is D.vaton's cousin


Sans is fused with Hanzo, and now wears his Komodo, also he carries Hanzo's bow. He is Papenzi's brother

Papenzi, Gepyrus (HELP, PLEASE!)

Papyrus is swapped with Genji, but the skin from before he was a cyborg, meaning he wears a green and red "Battle Komodo"


Undyne wears Reinhardt's armor and does not wear a eye patch. Instead she has a dead eye, which is only visible when she takes off her helmet.


Alphys is wearing Mei's coat and glasses, also she is blue, you don't actually ever fight her.


Her EX form looks like and her normal form is the same, other than the fact her symbol is a bunny, instead of a skull

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