"Though this is a gateway, lets make sure not to fall in." ~UnderTyp3~


UnderType (UnderTyp3) is a newly formed (Under Development) Anime style Undertale Au created by StormZealot77 and Dei_Chan.

Veronica-sicoe-stargateLegacy Gate(underdevelopment)

About the AU

One day structures called Legacy portals began showing up in the world. This allows those that can activate them the ability to travel to other AU's. A Terrorist Organization known as Element were the first ones to open the Legacy portals allowing them to interact and bring back Rogue Elements or otherworldly beings. Those fighting back against these new threats are police operatives in the T.O.C Tactical Operative Countermeasures and the O.P.S Origin Police System. Origin in recent years have been able to open Legacy portals on their own and can combat Element members in other AU's. It is now known that when anyone enters the Legacy portals they change to suit the AU's qualities they visit. There is no other known side effects from entering. The way to return is to either have a deep memory of their original home world or a trinket, item, concept that reminds the traveler of "home". 

"The rogue elements from other AU's are causing havoc in our world. They must be stopped, we need your help to do it." ~Origin~ 

Profile and Background

UnderType Sans is the main character and he is just starting to discover his new powers. Sans was a normal college student with his brother papyrus when he started getting unexplainable abilities like body manipulation such as moving at faster speeds and being able to ascend higher. The Origin Police System have taken an interest in Sans abilities and try to bring him in. He is resistant at first but joins eventually when in the face of their enemy. Origin also tries to bring in others with similar powers that are showing up around the same time.


Typ3 Sans is pretty laid back and comical. The only times he really gets serious is when there is a conflict of interests. Typ3 Sans usually has on earbuds or headphones while this maybe just for music it actually serves another purpose. Its for remembering where home is. While traveling to other AU's is great and all there is nothing better then home. While usually wearing either orange, brown, or white in clothing Sans is used to having to change clothes to suit the occasion. When entering the Legacy portal Typ3 Sans changes to suit the AU's he would be visiting, same as anyone else.

"Hey, at least I got my music." ~Typ3 Sans~

Abilities and Weaknesses

Typ3 Sans has the abilities of regular Undertale Sans but has the unique/special ability to be able to study the Rhythm of any move used and use it for himself to some extent. Typ3 Sans has the weakness of being human, however with the added early ability of body manipulation Sans can change his bone strength in focused areas. A trait some what unique to those in UnderTyp3, others besides Sans can use body manipulation to a higher degree and with more success.



(Typ3 Sans Early Development)

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