I want you, the reader, to read this next part carefully, and be understanding.

This AU (at least the one this page is about, there may be others) has no art on the internet, no official roles, and no big names you know. This AU, in fact, was created by some unpopular small pieces of UnderTrash in sixth grade. The person typing this is the only one with any kind of social media. Please, do not edit a single thing on this article without the writer's consent (Penguini6446). The writer has spent his or her night typing this instead of sleeping. If this gets deleted, then the writer's gonna quit. 

Now this AU is centered around a small sixth grade classroom of about thirty kids (and a few others) , not all of which have been given roles. The roles are to be changed only after discussion with other AU creators. Good luck getting ahold of them.

The roles are filled as followed:

  • Sophie is Frisk
  • Sasha is Toriel
  • Presley is Sans
  • Payson is Papyrus
  • Liam is all Tems
  • Gillian is Undyne
  • Anna is Alphys
  • Nathan is Mettaton
  • Clara is Muffet
  • Katana is Asgore
  • Millie (writer's demonic cat) is Flowey
  • Casey is Asriel
  • Rachel is Gaster
  • Peyton is Chara

Blook and So Sorry are currently undecided.

The plot of UnderTrash is more or less the same as UnderTale.

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