In this AU, Sans is blind. In the universe of UnderTone, everything involving music is appreciated by everyone. Sans is then forced into what seems like a whole other world when Frisk has succumbed to Chara's control. Sans fights against Chara's attempts on his world and keeps her from moving on to destroy other's worlds (separate AUs and/or timelines) as well. After Papyrus is killed, Sans wears his brother's scarf. He is guided by the lingering magic of his brother still clinging to the scarf, and it takes him to battle Chara once and for all.

Eventually, Chara manages to land a hit on him. This would have shattered his SOUL, but Papyrus' last bits of magic managed to keep it together, although the rush job was unstable. Slowly, Sans beats back Chara and wins the battle, convincing Chara to give up and QUIT.

Sans then absorbs Chara's soul and breaks the barrier, heading to the surface. He soon notices that, along with the magic of monster-kind, music is entirely obsolete. Sans decided to take matters in his own hands and make his own music to show to humans. With his magic and the power of the humans that befriended him on the surface, Sans makes a new life for himself: making music for all.

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