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Centuries ago, when the world was still young, the Titans, (monster gods) and the Olympians, the younger, more HUMAN gods, went to war with each other. Toward the end of the war, both sides were beginning to realize they...couldn't actually kill each other, so the leader of the Olympians, Zeus, banished the Titans to the pits of Tartarus and sealed them behind a barrier which could only be opened by seven Demigod souls.

So, if you haven't guessed by now, this AU is Undertale with elements of Greek mythology wrapped into it.


  • Frisk is a Demigod
  • Monster Kid is...well, whatever you call a Titan/human it still demigod?
  • The monsters can ONLY be killed by Demigods
  • Each monster has a Olympian rival with the same skills as them

Titans (Monsters)


He looks similar to his "God of Hyperdeath" form, except his colors are reversed (Black goat, white robes)

  • Titan of Death
  • Son of Asgore and Toriel
  • Olympian Rival: Hades


Looks almost exactly like the Undertale Toriel, other than the fact her dress is now Gold and white

  • Titaness of Motherhood
  • Mother of Asriel
  • Olympian Rival: Hera


His "Battle Body" is now more metallic looking and silver, his scarf appears to be made of woven of Gold

  • Titan of Loyalty
  • Brother of Sans
  • Olympian Rival: Sancus


His jacket is now white and his eyes are both yellow

  • Titan of Justice and Comedy
  • Brother of Papyrus
  • Olympian Rivals: Themus (Justice) and Comus (Comedy)


Her armor is now comprised of solid gold and is covered in spikes.

  • Titan of war
  • Olympian Rival: Ares


She...she litterally looks almost exactly like the original Alphys

  • Titan of invention
  • Olympian Rival: Hephestus


He is now wearing silver armor

  • King of all Titans
  • Husband of Toriel
  • Father of Asriel
  • Olympian Rival: Zeus



Brother of Zeus and one of the three remaining elder Olympians, Hades is ...well, basically he's a immortal emo teenager. Ever since a Demigod killed his brother Poseidon during the war he has basically sat on his throne in the Underworld and brooded.

  • Olympian god of death
  • brother of Zeus
  • Titan rival: Asriel


A elder Olympian and wife to Zeus, Hera is probably the only Olympian to never have a demigod child. Mostly because she's the goddess of marriage and it would look bad if she had a affair. She also serves as the Olympian goddess of motherhood. She's much, much less psychotic than the traditional Hera, evening adopting some of the Demigods her husband sired.

  • Olympian goddess of Motherhood and marriage
  • Wife of Zeus
  • Titan rival: Toriel


The Olympian of honesty, trust and loyalty, Sancus is one of the younger Olympians. As his job would imply, he is extremely loyal, but if you use that for your own gain and he finds out about it...yeah, you won't like the result.

  • Olympian god of honesty, trust, and Loyalty
  • Unknown parentage
  • Titan Rival: Papyrus


The Olympian goddess of Justice, Themus is a daughter of Zeus and Hera and the sister of Comus. Themus is blind from a injury during the war, but she can still somehow see all your sins.

  • Olympian goddess of Justice
  • Daughter of Zeus and Hera
  • Sister of Comus
  • Titan Rival: Sans