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UnderTale: Fellow Soul is an AU where the player is able to manifest as a spirit and help or harm Frisk and Chara on their quests.

At first, the player has extremely weak influence over the characters and objects around them. The player gets more influential over the runs, in this order.

  • Neutral run: 1% Influence
  • Pacifist run: 5% Influence
  • Genocide run: 10% Influence

While genocide is the quickest way to become strong, LOVE and EXP are permanently bound to the player. Over time, if many Genocide runs or LOVE filled Neutral runs are completed, the player becomes corrupt and evil and will be punished.

Pacifist runs help make the player a better person and will be a driving force for good.

Neutral runs make the player balanced, leaning toward evil or good, they are an undecided run.

The player can take on mostly a form they desire, but once one is chosen the look sticks for the run.

The Player, no matter what actions they take, will start off weak. The Underground is especially dangerous because of how monsters' attacks damage SOULs easily.

SOULs can be customized in many ways, allowing for blending of mainly two attributes (i.e. Kindness and Bravery) together, as well as having the ability to customize a weapon as an extension of your personality. As characters explore the world around them, they can get achievements to help customize their weapons and SOULs in more complex ways, to the point of super powers.

Players can have their characters have personalities too.

(list in progress)

Players can have character development without resetting, mainly around up till Frisk dies because of how they have the ability to Reset time.

The player can learn about how different runs end eventually, although it takes many resets to do so.

Beware of constant Resets, you may just find multiple forces going against you when it comes to constant resetting for personal gain.

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