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UNDERSWAP (or UNDERTALE: UNDERSWAP) by Team Switched is a fangame being developed for the team's interpretation of the popular role-swap AU, Underswap. It is being developed in GameMaker: Studio, and has been in development since March of 2016.

Unlike most interpretations of Underswap, which include a complete swapping of personalities in addition to swapping character roles, this fangame will not include that; instead, it will keep the original personalities of characters mostly intact, while delivering a twist to each of them.

About the AU

As described, Team Switched's Underswap is yet another interpretation of the popular alternate universe. However, what makes this version vastly different from others is the fact that the characters' personalities are not swapped with their roles, and the roles of some characters have been expanded to a degree.


Notable Changes

One of the reasons that this version of Underswap is written in this way is because the developers were unhappy with how the fanbase portrayed Underswap as a complete personality swap; specifically, having each character ultimately being the same except for their name and appearance. Additionally, the developers would also like to create an original experience for people to enjoy once the game is completed.

General Changes

* The seasons represented by each location in Undertale are swapped.

  • In Undertale, the Ruins represent Fall, Snowdin represents Winter, Waterfall represents Spring, and Hotland represents Summer.
  • In Underswap, Ruined Home represents Spring, Sunnedout represents Summer, Crystal Springs represents Fall, and Coldsea represents Winter.
  • Different things take inspiration from unused concepts designs, artwork, sprites, and music by Toby Fox.
  • For instance, Asgore has a full house in Ruined Home with a garden and water wheel, using hydroelectricity to power his home.

Character Changes

  • "The Storyteller" is an unknown figure who introduces the game's plot to the player.
  • Chara is a human child who fell into the Underground after climbing Mt. Ebott for unknown reasons. They narrate the game from a first-person perspective and are the playable protagonist.
  • Temmies are what appear to be dog/cat hybrids that speak in a strange language.
  • Asgore is the sage of Ruined Home. He enjoys taking long walks, tending to the flowers and plant life in Ruined Home, drinking a cup of tea while sitting in his chair, and playing the classical guitar.
  • Mad Dummy is a ghost living inside of a training dummy. They're very angry with the world and everything around them and do not hesitate to seek revenge on the player for bothering them.
  • Mettacrit is a ghost encountered in Ruined Home while practicing a singing routine - they want to be a star, but lack the confidence to fulfill their dream.
  • Papyrus is a hardworking, yet laid-back former scientist who worked alongside Undyne and her predecessor. His hobbies include fine dining, breathing, long walks on the beach, driving his car while the wind blows through his hair and the sun shines on his skin.
  • Sans is an aspiring royal guard and science enthusiast in Sunnedout. He works with and is friends with Alphys, and is the brother of Papyrus. He has an affection for hot dogs and often sells them- albeit not legally. He also has the ability to use "shortcuts," like in canon, and often uses them for a myriad of pranks- especially upon his brother and other friends.
  • "Rogue" is a mysterious cloaked fellow wandering about Sunnedout and Crystal Springs.
  • Flowey is a talking flower. That's about it.
  • Alphys is the Captain of the Royal Guard.
  • Undyne is the Royal Scientist and creator of Napstabot.
  • Napstabot is the dapper robotic star of the Underground.
  • Toriel is the queen of the Underground.
  • Monster Kid is the long-dead adopted child of the Underground's king and queen.
  • Frisk is a human child from who fell into the Underground after climbing Mt. Ebott.


  • Papyrus doesn't smoke, he just likes lollipops.
  • Sans is incapable of changing the shape of his pupils.
    • Though he did find a pair of star-shaped sunglasses in the trash.
  • "Mettacrit" is the headcanon name given to Mettaton's ghost form -- it's inspired by Voltra's Storyshift AU.

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