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Spring Sans
Spring Sans

Underspring is an Undertale AU created by UnderSpring/Sprinqu on Devianart ( Tumblr account is Sprinqu )

All Underspring monsters and humans have a infection growing on them in the form of yellow flowers/ flower petals. The infection either corrupts them until they go on an out of control rampage, forcing another monster or human to kill them, or it slowly infects them, leaving them to crumble to dust if they're a monster, or to ash if they're a human, leaving only flower petals and the scattered remains of them.

It starts out in the middle of the war between humans and monsters. The Sans there loses his brother to Error, who gained the ability to shapeshift in only UnderSpring due to a shift in the magic wavelengths.

As he gets separated from his father, Gaster in the chaos of monsters rushing in retreat to the Virus Forest, after putting his brothers dust in a small marble bag which he has looped around his jacket, he encounters Error at the top of a cliff above the forest, as well as a silent, infected human, whose very life would end soon.

Error attempts to kill this AU Sans, but the human gives their life and pushes Sans off the cliff. Falling themselves, the human give her soul to Sans.


Sans wakes up in a dream. Two others that look very similar to him confront him in the Dream. They explain that he is alright, and tell him about the alternate universes. He is interested in it, and knowing there are alternate versions of himself, including to two speaking to him.

He changes his name to Spring.

After waking up, his father and Asriel help him recover. Spring feels his sole purpose is to help protect Aus now. So he searches for ways to jump between these worlds.



Crown Weaving


More than five sixths of the monsters who were alive before the war are dead.

The route is most likely permanent Genocide; the kid can still reset, yet chooses Genocide every time.

Mettaton, Asgore, Papyrus, Muffet, Grillby, and Sans's mother died in the war.

Toriel died shortly after the war due to the infection.

Asriel still lives, he is not Flowey. As soon as Chara did fall, they went berserk, and so Asriel killed them, fearing for his friends. Undyne and Alphys both still live, and so does Blooky, but all will most likely never be happy again.

Patience takes the role of Toriel, Bravery takes the role of Asgore, Integrity takes the role of Papyrus ( though Spring does not care for them as much so as he did Papyrus ) Kindness is.... somewhere. Justice takes Mettaton's role, Perseverance takes Muffet's role, and Frisk is, well, genocidal.

Spring doesn't feel like his Au is worth protecting anymore, so he completely ditches it most of the time, yet Error hasn't destroyed it yet.

The two other Sanses, who met with Spring in the dream, Ink ( (c) Myebi ) , and Dream ( (c) JokuBlog ) , did so because they did not want Error to take advantage of another Sans fused with a human soul and try to manipulate him onto his side.


Main Characters :

In AU Story  :








Outside Au Story :


Dream ( (c) JokuBlog )

Ink ( (c) Myebi )

Error ( (c) Loverofpiggies / TheCrayonQueen )

Fresh ( (c) ^^^^ )

Geno ( (c) ^^^^ )

Delta ( (c) AnimatedZoro(x) )


Get Panned On

Spring Sans Appearance : ----------->


Spring Asriel Appearance : ---------->


UnderSpring Gaster appearance ( design by my good friend BoneToDraw on Deviantart ) ---->


UnderSpring Undyne Appearance ( design by LunaDeaminac on Deviantart ) ( I hosted a contest because I was having trou

ble with coming up designs, so they both got/will get something in return ) ----->


Uh, hope you think it's interesting?


Fun fact, Spring likes to actually play the piano



Nicknames for UnderSpring Sans :

Spring ( Most commonly used )



Green-Glitch ( used by Error ( (c) loverofpiggies/TheCrayonQueen ) )

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