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Undershot is an AU made by Hoparduc Snowpanther (new roles by NikoTheKitten, approved by Snowpanther) and the sister AU of OneTale

All the characters (except Frisk, Chara and Mad Dummy) are replaced by Oneshot characters but they keep some of their personalities and roles

Frisk - stays in their original role

Chara - keeps their role too

Toriel - Niko's mom (her name is Bliss in this AU)

Burgerpants - Plight (Lamplighter)

Sans - Calamus

Papyrus - Alula

Blooky - Maize

Mad Dummy - keeps original role

Muffet - Magpie

Undyne - Silver

Alphys - Cedric

Mettaton - Proto

Mettaton EX and NEO - Kip

Omega Flowey - mix between World Machine and Omega Flowey

Flowey - looks like original, but has violet petals

Grillby - Ling

Gaster - Author

Asgore - George (George is male in this AU)

Monster Kid - Prophetbot

Asriel - Niko

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