Frisk is a human character in the AU UnderRuin. They appear in the UnderRuin AU as a lost soul trapped inside of Flowey's body along with the six other human souls seen in Undertale. While their profile is still mostly unknown, Frisk appears to rebel against Flowey's control quite often, making it hard for him to fully control them, since their determination is so strong. It is believed that Frisk can also communicate with the other souls from time to time, though they mostly stay quiet and lifeless, since their humans left them long ago. Although their gender is commonly ambiguous, Frisk appears to be female in this AU, and also around the age of a teenager. they have a whitish, digital fog obscuring part of their face, primarily where their eyes are.



UnderRuin Frisk is older and taller than undertale frisk, appearing to be a teenager in this AU. they (she) wears an oversize sweater that is tattered on the bottom and left arm, and is black with three green stripes. they wear a pair of dark skinny jeans or elastic jeans and black boots with green laces and thick soles. thier cheeks have a slight blush to them and their hair style and color is still the same as in undertale. Frisk also wears a thick leather bracelet attached to a broken chain on their left arm and a brown leather Collar with a red hart pendant attatched,(this is meant to symbolize that their soul belongs to Flowey). this collar cannot be removed.

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