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UnderRed is an AU where everyone loves the Colour Red (It means they like hunting for blood as well, except for Toriel and Papyrus).


All the clothes of this AU is up to the Undertale Community because they always change clothes, But Red clothes.

General Changes

  • Everyone wears kinds of Reds (Ex - Rose Red, Wine Red, Dark Red and other shades of red).
  • Everyone has blood on their mouth except for Toriel who has no blood.
  • Everyone likes to eat Red Food.
  • The Snow in Snowdin is Light Red. (It's called "Red Snow").

Character Changes

  • Toriel is wearing Blue and all the monsters are blue as well, even the Ruins.
  • Papyrus has Red Paint in his mouth, pretending to be blood.
  • Frisk is wearing Dark Blue w/ Orange stripes.
  • Flowey has become a Rose Now.
  • Asgore's favorite flower is Rose.

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