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UnderRacer is a fangame made by TheGravyNator on Game Maker and published on Game Jolt on July 21, 2016 in early access mode.


The gameplay is very similar to Mario Kart, but with some elements of the overworld. Each character has their own attack


During the race, boxes will fall, which have various bonuses that can help, or hinder the enemy. Also on the cards are present chests, & blue determination stars which fill the magic meter.

On the maps you can find different types of obstacles specific to any location. So as we can see different characters, which you can not get there because they are behind an insurmountable obstacle. For the victory in some races you get gold.


One day, a child named Frisk fell into a pit in Mount Ebott. There she met a flower Flowey, which is taught to manage karts and talked about the dungeon. To teach Frisk ride on the map, he suggested the race between them.

After the victory / defeat, Flowey wants to kill her, but Toriel saves Frisk. After meeting with Toriel the ruins suddenly collapse and Frisk looking for the cause, which turned out to be Hacker!Frisk.

Flowey and Frisk are talking with an error that tells about his intentions and all repairs. Then Frisk was sent to Toriel's house to beat her in a race and get away from the ruins.



Here you can meet obstacles such as walking and ordinary stones, studs and columns.

Snowdin Forest

Has fewer traps than the Ruins, but has holes in which you can fall. The columns were replaced by snow piles.


In Waterfall there are stones in the ruins, and the pit, like Snowdin. Instead, there are columns here glowing mushrooms, trees and bulbs.


In Core does not have any traps, instead it has a huge number of pits.



  • If you don't "skip" the spoiler warning, Flowey escapes.
  • If you incorrectly modify the game files, the next time you start the game there will be two annoying dogs, and it is possible to find the annoying dog in the startup menu.