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UnderOlympics: This is like Undertale Olympics Style.

Intro: A Long time ago there were 2 races, Humans and Monsters, one day they both competed in a game known as the Olympics, the Humans ended up Winning so then the humans banished the monsters into the underground and they casted a barrier over it so that the monsters couldn't come back to the surface, but the barrier can be broken, if the monsters can collect 7 Silver Medals that represent the different competitions of the Olympics, Aquatics, Archery, Athletics, Fencing, Weight Lifting, Badminton, and Hand Ball, then a gold medal would be made and whenever a monster has this medal then that monster becomes a being of unbelievable skills which that monster could use to break the barrier. So far they have collected all but one. But there is a way to break the barrier with only 6 Medals, you see the monsters have Bronze Medals and if every monster combined all of their bronze medals then they could equal one Silver Medal. Now in order for a monster to take a Human's Medal, they would have to beat the human in a game of the monsters choosing.

Many years later, a human with The Silver Medal of Badminton who goes by the name of Frisk falls into the Underground, and the only way they can get out of the underground is to beat all of the monsters at the games and make it past King Asgore's Royal Team a team bent on trying to steal some Golden Medals. Now there are 3 routes to this there is The Competator Route (The Neutral Route) The Heart of Gold Route (The True Pacifist Route) and The Cheater Route (The Genocide Route). (Also in UnderOlympics instead of Flowey being Flowey The Flower saying "In this world it's kill or be killed" It will be Ringy The Ring (Get it like a Olymic Ring) saying "In this world it's cheat or be Cheated")