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  1. The alternate ending (also known as the genocide neutral route) is the route that will make you become a quarter monster. Then you will have to kill everyone.

How to do it

Before you date Toriel, go kill a monster. To know if it worked, go to Napstablook's house.

If it says in red text "somebody IS there" "might have got the news" you have gotten the route.

Go to Snowdin and if Monster Kid is there he will say "Yo human, I have seen that you changed" "I learnt that you have betrayed people."(god why did I just say that in front of them) "if... if you want to kill them, you have to go through ME!"

This will initiate a battle with MK again. He will NOT die instantly. When you do your first attack on him he will attack you with his weakest attack. After that if you FIGHT him he will die. Frisk has been watching and when you kill him they will run away.

Kill everyone else in Snowdin and Hotland

Then in Waterfall, Napstablook will be there and turn into NAPSTABLOOK THE NAPPER DAPPER.

Kill him, then take his wet spear and throw it at the ruins door then kill everyone.

Then you will fight Frisk, then you will encounter King Papyrus but then he will die before you hit him.

Catty comes, absorbs the human souls, takes Papyrus and your SOULs and initate a soulless fight so you will die in one hit.

Once Catty is hit, she will die and every soul will drop and you absorb EVERY SINGLE ONE and use its power to destroy the whole world AND universe. and then you meet (insert the OC that won here even though none won yet). They ask you to give them every soul and they can rule the BLANK and its survivors FOREVER.

Then they give you a prompt to say YES or NO. Saying NO will make a fight that gives you 10000000 health but Y/OC will deal 1000 health each hit. If you kill them, they die. If they kill you, you die. Simple right? NOPE BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO FIGHT Y/OC AGAIN WITH ONLY 1 HP TO RESTORE THE WORLD! AND IF YOU SAY YES THEN YOU WILL SKIP THE FIRST FIGHT AND TRY TO FIGHT Y/OC again to restore the world in the same battle.

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