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Undernuke is an Alternate Universe created by ColtenEnsor06, where everyone is selfish and malevolent.


This AU began its plot when Asriel went to the surface with Chara (now dead), and was attacked by the humans. Instead of peacefully continuing, Asriel decides to fight back, scaring some of the humans and driving them to commit suicide. Using seven of the human souls, Asriel was able to bring Chara back to life, while absorbing seven himself. After Chara was brought back to life, her and Asriel proceeded to take control of the surface, and make the humans their slaves for five years. After five years of tyranny, Asriel and Chara go insane, and cause a worldwide war, the Surface Spread War. The humans that fought in the war continued to fight, eventually causing the entire world to be filled with the dangerous radiation of nuclear bombs. After the war, only 77 humans survived, and those 77 humans had become savages. After a while, a human falls into the Underground with a portion of Asriel's dust, and gives the dust to Alphys. He then tells King Asgore the story of the intense violence on the surface caused by Asriel and Chara. Eventually, the human falls into the Core, and is fused with Gaster to become Haster the Humanoid Skeleton. The King, angered at his son for becoming so evil, ordered that every single monster be executed, knowing that his son hated violence. The execution took the lives of about 160 monsters

Frisk (Genocide)

Frisk is a human savage who craves the flesh of monsters.

Frisk (Neutral)

Frisk still craves the flesh of monsters, but only eats some alive.

Frisk (Pacifist)

Frisk is the only sane being in the world. He tries to change people's minds about evil, but fails. In the end, Frisk shows them a pacifist timeline and the people finally change.


Flowey is the same as his original Undertale counterpart, except he does not explain the ways of the Underground and attempt to trick you. He was created by Alphys.


Toriel wants you dead because she desires to be back on the surface where she was born. She also stops Flowey from killing you because she wants to do it herself.


Sans is pure evil, and has grown to hate his brother. He first meets you at the entrance to the ruins and shoots a Haster Blaster at you. After you run away he encounters you 17 times in total throughout the Underground the last one in the Decapitation Hall. His fight is significantly more difficult than his original Undertale fight.


Papyrus is missing his left rib cage and he has a large hole in his skull, caused by Sans. He was the last one left that believed in Mercy, but was attacked by his brother, causing him to lose hope. Papyrus tries to poison you with spaghetti before attacking you.


Undyne is a relentless killer who is always who is always seeking to kill humans and monsters. She is much stronger than her original Undertale counterpart, and Undyne the Undying does not exist. Before she dies, she states "There are less people without me...and that is all I wanted."

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