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Players and NPCs used to live in peace until one day, the players attacked and started a war. The players won, and trapped the NPCs underground.

UnderMine is a crossover AU of Undertale and Minecraft. The plot and game mechanics of Undertale remain, but the characters and environments have the appearances of creepypastas/characters/designs from Minecraft.

Character Changes

Frisk is replaced by Steve. Steve wears a cyan blue top, dark blue trousers and grey shoes. He has brown hair, purple eyes and slightly brown skin.

Chara is replaced by Alex. Alex wears a green top, brown trousers and grey shoes. She has green eyes, blonde/ginger hair and white skin. Her eyes change to red when she's in her 'evil mode'.

Flowey is the same.

Asriel is replaced by Minna. Minna wears a brown top, green trousers and grey shoes. She has blue eyes, pale skin, and brown hair.

Toriel is replaced by Elin. Elin wears a green and brown robe with the Delta Rune embroidered on it. She does not wear shoes, and her feet have toughened and adapted to the hard flooring of the Ruins. She has blue eyes, pale skin, and brown hair. Her horns will extend if she is feeling a strong emotion.

Sans is replaced by a nicer, lazier version of Entity_303. Entity wears a white jacket with random black stripes and a red-furred hood, golden shorts, and silver slippers. He has red eyes with white bulbs in them, and his permanently smiling teeth are gold.

Papyrus is replaced by a slightly more colourful Null. He wears a red hood/scarf, a white 'battle body' which is just an old piece of armour found at the garbage dump, and tight white leggings. He has white eyes with a black bulb in them, and the rest of his body is black.

Undyne is replaced by Jenny. Jenny wears a black eyepatch across one eye, and a full suit of brand-new armour. Her remaining eye is black, and the rest of her body is blue. She is very aggressive towards everyone, especially humans.

Alphys is replaced by Jeb. Jeb prefers a black lab-coat to a white coat, and wears black shoes. He watches less anime, and is more inventive.

Mettaton is replaced by Herobrine. His eyes have no irises, and his metal body is made of blues and white. Still the same old robot, he has some narcissistic tendencies.

Asgore is replaced by Notch Minecrafter.

Temmies are replaced by Nitwit Villagers.

The Annoying Dog is replaced by the Grey Child.

Gaster is replaced by Entity_404, since there are theories that he was Entity_303's dad and I don't have anything else to go on.

Gaster Followers, Shopkeepers, Encounterable Monsters and NPCs are replaced by Mobs and Villagers, villager/mob types depend on the NPC.

Location Changes


Additional Changes


Item Flavour/Equipping Text Effects

and ATK Pattern

Location and Cost
Wooden Sword Flavour: A useless piece of wood. For pacifists only.

Equipping: N/A, as it is not re-equippable.

0 ATK, Single Hit Start, Free of Charge. Not re-equippable. One of a kind.
Toy Sword Flavour: A plastic sword. Almost completely harmless.

Equipping: Finally, a decent weapon.

3 ATK, Single Hit Balcony of the Ruins, Free. One of a kind.
Leather Glove Flavour: If you look tougher, people will be scared of you.

Equipping: They thought leather was weak...

5 ATK, Single hit then mash Dimensional Box, Free. Snowdin Shopkeeper, 50 I.
Pink Leather


Flavour: These used shoes make you feel really childlike.

Equipping: Looks cute... too cute for your taste.

7 ATK, 3 hits Tall Grass in Waterfall, Free. One of a kind.
Book and Quill Flavour: The pen is mightier than the sword. Increases INV by 6.

Equipping: It's called being awesome, not being nerdy.

2 ATK, 2 hits Waterfall Vendor Villager, 55 I
Iron Pan Flavour: Damage is rather consistent. Consumables heal 4 more HP.

Equipping: Kill them with cooking.

10 ATK, 4 hits Isolated Area in Hotland, Free. One of a kind.
Rapid Fire Bow Flavour: A modern rapid fire bow. Arrows not included. Must be used precisely, or damage will be low.

Equipping: Some arrows would be useful...

12 ATK,

4 fast hits

Venda and Brenda, 350 I. Free in Genocide Route.
Worn Sword Flavour: Perfect for cutting grass. Looks a bit rusty.

Equipping: You look like a little gardener.

15 ATK, single hit Notch's Home in New Home, replaces Real Sword in Pacifist/Neutral Routes.
Real Sword Flavour: Here we are!

Equipping: About time = )

99 ATK, single hit Notch's Home in New Home, replaces Worn Sword in Genocide Route.


Item Flavour/Equipping Text Effects Location and Cost
Woolen Bandage Flavour/Equipping: N/A, as it is not re-equippable. 0 DEF Start of the Underground, Free. One of a kind. Becomes consumable once unequipped.
Ribbon Hat Flavour: Wait... how can it be a ribbon AND a hat?

Equipping: It makes you look far too cute.

3 DEF One Switch Puzzle in the Ruins, Free. One of a kind.
Manly Leather Flavour: Came from a manly cow.

Equipping: This is more like it!

7 DEF Snowdin Shopkeeper, 50 I.
Pink Leather Skirt Flavour: Not another cute outfit...

Equipping: You look like a ballerina!

10 DEF Behind a waterfall in Waterfall, Free. One of a kind.
Stained Glasses Flavour: Glasses stained by... orange juice?

Equipping: You look nerdy. Which is awesome, by the way.

6 DEF. Increases INV by 9. Waterfall Villager Vendor, 35 I.
Nitwit Armour Flavour: The things you can do with a college education!

Equipping: It makes you look very lazy.

20 DEF. Raises ATK and INV slightly. Heals HP by 1 every other turn. Nitwit Shop, 9999 I. Price lowers after every death. Cannot be bought in Genocide Route.
Stained Leather Chestplate Flavour: This piece of armour looks more like an apron.

Equipping: To the kitchen fight we go!

11 DEF. Heals 1 HP every turn. Isolated Area in Hotland, Free. One of a kind. Cannot be obtained in Genocide Route.
Head Saddle Flavour: Makes you want to grow a beard.

Equipping: Does this mean you can be ridden?

12 DEF, raises ATK by 5 Venda

and Brenda, 350 I. Free in Genocide Route.

Heart Necklace Flavour: It says, "Best Friends Forever."

Equipping: Who are these friends anyway?

15 DEF Notch's Home in New Home, Free. One of a kind. Replaces The Necklace in Pacifist/Neutral Routes.
The Necklace Flavour: You can feel it pulsing.

Equipping: It dangles above your own blackened heart.

99 DEF Notch's Home in New Home, Free. One of a kind. Replaces Heart Necklace in Genocide Route.


Monster Candy is replaced by Under Candy.

Temmie Flakes are replaced by the Nitwit Flakes.

Dog Salad is replaced by Grey Salad.

Steak in the Shape of Mettaton's Face is replaced by Steak in the Shape of Herobrine's Face.

All other items are the same.


Dog Residue is replaced by a single Hair.

Undyne's Letter and Undyne's Letter EX are replaced by Jenny's Letter and Jenny's Letter EX.

All other items are the same, for now.


Energetic Stew (Null's Theme) - replacing Papyrus

Red Eyes - replacing Megalovania

Casual Meets - replacing sans.






At first, Alex urges Steve to stop killing, but eventually becomes more and more insane. She eventually begins telling Steve to push forward, and takes over when he becomes reluctant/refuses to do so. When Steve eventually makes it to the end, she congratulates him, then erases the world. However, through some miracle, Writer.exe is able to restore it, but at the price of Steve's soul.