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am Exactly What you Think I am



Like undertale Gaster, UnderHell Gaster was a scientist who worked for the king, but one day he had figured out that they had run out of lab rats, so he used his own son to help him complete his work. One fateful day While Gaster was a asleep sans killed him and threw his body into the core so it would never be found. Unfortunately Gaster didn't die,but instead was renewed and came back ready to take vengeance, He is now one of the main antagonist of UnderHell.


UH!Gaster Appears to be this black and red skeleton with pupil that appears to be attached to the outer edges of his right eye socket. His cloak or whatever you want to call it, is red and has a black bottom and another big black spot near the top. He Glitches out more than regular Gaster does on a daily bases.


UH!Gaster doesn't talk to anybody,but his son or whoever is important to him at the moment. He has a personal vendetta against his own son and he also like the taste of Twinkies.He likes depressing music and likes to stick in the dark.


Soul Gather

With this power UH!Gaster gathers the souls of near by residents so that he can absorb them making him whole again.


Even if this power belongs to the most determined monster in the Underground,Gaster can use this to manipulate and restart his progress if he ever got anything wrong.

Soul Push

This attack has a certain range,but if your caught within that range, you will certainly be loosing, this attack pushes the powers from a soul leaving nothing but an empty canvas.

In Game

UH!Gaster will only appear in the

True Chaotic Genocide Route, This is only done by wanting to kill sans. In this part of the game you will encounter gaster over 15 times. If you beat him he will leave you alone till the next time you meat,but if you loose he will take all of your items and drop your stats by 3 each.

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