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Brisk/Frisk is the one on the Left Vara/Chara is the one on the Right


These two humans meet one day in a small town called Kent, they both lived in nice homes, but one day the little girl named Vara got a terrible disease that makes one's skin black. Most people believe it's because of her black soul, but people just ignored this theory. So one day Vara got the news she was going to die in 10 years, Vara ran away scared of what would happen. They were scared about what would happen if they were to die so they ran all the way up to Mount Ebott and made it to the giant hole near the top. They were ready to take their own life, but then suddenly they heard a voice tell them not to jump, they turned around and noticed that it was their friend Brisk. Brisk came over and explained how stupid their plan was, but Vara didn't listen. They suddenly jumped off but Brisk grabbed them by the shirt but they were too weak to pull them back up. And that's where are story begins.



Brisk wears a black shirt with white stripes and a long pair of pants along with some boots. They have green eyes and black hair.


Vara appears to have black skin and wears a black shirt with a white turtle and white stripes. They also appear to be wearing sneakers with a nice pair of brown shorts.



Brisk attacks with a couple of rocks and a nice toy knife.


Vara attacks with a real knife and couple smaller ones.


Despite being Brisk and Vara they love living in a pacifist timeline with everyone they love and care about.

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