UnderCruX is an undertale AU in which because of continuous reset again and again the normal verse changes significantly because multiple resets(99 resets) which causes something strange to happen. In this AU W.D.Gaster wakes 1 day before his dissapearance just that this time he saw a vision... or you could say a Soul exchange reset. The future he saw was about how frisk comes and kills everyone in the genocide run while he was in his ethereal form. And the moment he kills everything and saw chara absorb frisk's soul he wakes up. He feels like he had slept for ages. At this moment he knew what was gonna happen to him, he knew what was gonna happen to others and his sons, he knew there would be no true pacifist route again and he knew just the way to fix it. He was able to prevent his accident this time and he was still there. And this time Frisk...and ... Chara is gonna have a bad time....



(Removed the information for possible spoilers)


(Really... she's just a little different from her usual *Chara*cter.... *Papyrus cringes*)

W.D Gaster ×

When he first woke up from his nightmares of insanity(true reset) he somehow managed to remember everthing like the lab accident and how he was ripped into time and space turning him into an omnipresent being. He knew everything that happened from that point on which changed his future. He was somehow able to prevent the accident and was able to complete his unfinished Gaster Blaster project which was suppose to destroy the barrier (previously completed by Sans(unfinished Beta version)) which was more faster and deadlier than the unfinished product as it was originally his invention.He knew that originally Sans was the actual person who was suppose to finish it if the timeline hadn't changed but he decided to finish it as he knew it couldn't stop Frisk/Chara.

Not only that he decided to make sure all the unfinished projects would be completed as well so he also took Alphys under him. They were able to complete various unfinished project without many accidents

But something unexpected happened when he asked king asgore to start a new project and which made the king believe that he was sick as the project seemed too risky, (spoiler) He hides in the shadows from everyone... for now.


(Lol spoler alert... so nope)


She still fights with Asgore and live in the ruins. (Spoilers XD so deleted) she warns the other children about asgore and Gaster now.


In this AU Sans is still lazy and uses a lot of puns but he is more deadlier as he was able to full master using the Gaster Blasters and has been training with Undyne under Asgore and *spoiler so deleted* when Gaster was still there. After Gaster left he had to take care of the livelihood so he decided to take up some jobs. He still does his sentry job and hot dog job. He may seem weak but he has acess to a more number of abilities due to Gaster's help. Those abilities include (Spoilers) which he hides from others except papyrus who think it's just toys. He still talks to toriel but doesn't really like asgore that much. He misses Gaster.


He doesn't know about Gaster that much but he remebers he had a father. Sans doesn't talk much about Gaster so he doesn't even know the name. He still wants to become a member fo the royal guards but he still lacks the heart to potentially kill something. He talks to flowey a lot. His skills have improved more as he goes to train frequently with Undyne and *spoiler so deleted*. Still lkes Spaghetti.


As Gaster had seen undyne's potential before being the only person who took more of Frisk's hits than anyone he decided to train her and asked king asgore to take care of the child. Undyne trained with *Spoiler so deleted.... lol* also this time with the help of Gaster so now she wields a spear and a *Spoiler* on her back(*Spoiler's* old *Spoiler*) This time as *Spoiler* was teaching her, he also taught her about the *Spoiler* due to which she was able to use *Spoiler*. She was *Spoiler* as the captian of the royal guards when she was *Spoiler*.

She still watches anime with Alphys.

Mettaton Ver2.0/Hapstablook Ne-0 (a.k.a Mettaton Ne-0)

As Gaster had seen how horribly Mettaton had been killed by Frisk he decided to improve more on the mettaton's body. He decided to let Alphys make the robot but he will do modifications to it. As Alphys completed the body she was rather afraid to tell Gaster that she had been creating the body for a ghost but much to her suprise he said "now go bring that ghost and see if it works". She hurried to Hapstablook and decided to let Hapstablook have the robot in exchange for protecting the monsters in case of an attack. To which he agreed. Mettaton now has a *Spoiler*. He was made using *Spoiler*. He still served as an entertainment robot and watches anime with alphys and undyne.


Still watches anime and still works in the lab. A little less guilty as there was no more mistakes. She still likes Undyne and they still watch Anime. After Asgore got *HUGE SPOILER*. She continues to maintain the Core, makes inventions from time to time and in her free time still watches anime. Though she remembers Gaster's warning about the humen in Blue and purple striped shirt.


As Gaster had not died many things changed as monster's *Spoiler*. He was nevertheless still happy and funded many projects made by Gaster and Alphys. But when *Spoiler* he became rather sober and melancholy. He felt that *spoiler*. Asgore still rules the underground but he is a little sad and more strict. He still likes tea and Golden flowers and can't do anything against Toriel. He has grown stronger by training Sans and Undyne with *Spoiler*. He now also uses a big shield which he moves around easily which was made by Gaster.


She sells pastries and cider and takes cooking lessons from *Spoiler*. She now also serves as an *Spoiler* under *SO MUCH @$#@% SPOILER THAT HAD TO HOLD BACKSPACE*.


Secretly takes care of sans and papyrus *SPOILER*. Like Gaster he is also secretive.

Temmie(yu all knw thes wus gunna hoipan)

Tem sells deluxe temflakes. Tem got lots of muns from weird man. Tem went to Grad school. Tem make Family proud. Wierd man ask Tem for armor. Tem sold armor. Tem great salesman.(SPOILER)

More information from the Creator

As the Canon proceeds the information for each Charecter shall be given an individual wiki's

Also the spoilers were place 6th August on 12 o clock at night... why you ask... XD only those who read the stuff before have a sneak peak at the charecters for now.... the comics will be coming out at a later date. Book mark and when the post is updated be sure to check out if any new spoilers are given.... XD.

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