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Basically, UnderChanged is an AU where the Barrier turns a fallen Human into a Monster with a human SOUL. As of now, the AU is not completed- Only 3/6 Fallen are designed.


After the death of Chara and Asriel, the King and Queen decided to care for the Fallen, as they learn that all of them jump down because of reasons other Humans cause.

The Fallen are all considered adopted Dreemurrs.

Changes and Characters

Remember, the AU is still heavily WIP- Most of the Fallen haven't even been finished. However, I've put together a list of changes and, after that, the characters.

  • Toriel and Asgore still live together, as Tori is supportive of his actions.
  • Flowey, who lives with them, is slowly gaining emotion.
  • The Basement, where the Coffins are in canon Undertale, is now instead a large area with a set of bedrooms and a kitchen.
  • The Fallen do not age once they become Monsters. Noone can explain it.
  • Only a handful of other monsters know:







  • Undyne is still head of the Royal Guard, but it is now a police force rather a human-catcher.
  • Papyrus wants to join the Royal Guard still, but Undyne believes he would accidentally hurt someone, as he misjudges his strength.

Cast List


  • Dilie, the Perseverance SOUL


  • Ever, the Integrity SOUL


  • Cookie, the Kindness soul


More TBA

All art by DaPokemon, aka Bast, runner of this blog.


  • Though none of them are actually related, the children think of themselves as siblings.
  • Each of them have their own story for falling down.
  • Somehow, Dilie's glasses always manage to get foggy.
  • Ever actually prefers roller skating to ballet- The tutu was just adorable.
  • Toriel sews all their clothing.
  • Flowey is often annoyed at Cookie's cheerful personality.

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