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Under(her)tail is an NSFW AU with a more light hearted tone than Underlust.

About the AU

"Not the most original idea, but it's Undertale meets Monster-girls... and one human boy of course. A silly idea for a porn parody based of the popular indie game except all the monsters are sexy ladies."


Part 1

Frisky fell into the underground after his "friends" dared him to go to Mt. Eboob after saying that "all the monster myths.. just a myth".

When he falls, he meets Peddles (Flowey), a seemingly friendly flower that starts stroking his penis and licking it while teaching him about "Lustful Souls". She then proceeds to lift him with vines and creates a massive drill shaped vine and attempts to put it in his butt. Tutori (Toriel) however stops Peddles by blasting her and then asks Frisky to put their pants on.

Tutori tries to teach Frisky how to talk to monsters but Frisky starts sexually touching the sex-doll (dummy). Later, Tutori leaves and Frisky wanders around, finding a monster named Blooksanap (Napstablook), pretending to sleep.

He slowly reaches out to touch her breasts, waking her up. He starts flirting with her and then takes his clothes off, revealing his erect penis. Blooksanap places it between her breasts and is about to lick the pre-cum off his penis but then gets embarrassed and leaves.

Frisky somehow gets hurt when he finds Tutori and when she tries to inspect, his erection snaps the pants open, stunning Tutori. Tutori then leads him to his new room and proceeds to suck on his penis while stroking it with her breasts. When Frisky cums, she suddenly realizes her food is burning and leaves. Later, Frisky tries to leave but Tutori runs to the ruins door, with Frisky chasing after. As soon as he reaches her, he calls her a "crazy fucking cow", which results in him getting bitch-slapped. He is then pushed to the ground with Tutori's vagina in his face. He struggles at first but then obliges. He then starts having sexual intercourse with Tutori.

Part 2

When Frisky leaves the ruins, he encounters Comic (Sans). Comic asks him to grab her breasts, which upon grabbing, makes a farting sound. Comic then reveals she put whoopee cushions in her jacket. Comic suddenly notices Tempus (Papyrus) coming and tells him to hide behind the conveniently shaped lamp. Comic and Tempus start talking, when Frisky suddenly has an obvious erection. Comic notices it, and teases him by hinting it at Tempus. After the talk, Frisky is upset at Comic for almost getting him caught.

Frisky had sex with all the dogs then had anal sex with the rabbit girl in the inn. He then meets Tempus, which seems like a weirdo to him. They later fight, and after the fight he and Tempus go to their room and reveals to Frisky that her breasts were really basketballs. Then they have sex. He isn't happy about it since his penis doesn't receive any pleasure as Tempus has a pelvis, no skin. This causes him to leave Tempus when she is distracted.

Frisky then sees Comic at her station in waterfall and goes to Cindergrilla's (Grillby's) with her. When he sits at the barstool, he doesn't notice the butt plug that Comic put there and he jumps up in pain/surprise. Comic then starts talking to him about Peddles and how she thinks it is just a moaning rose.

Part 3 (In need of Grammar correction)

Frisky continues through Waterfall running into Noykel (Undyne) and Tempus talking about him. He starts walking and then Noykel notices him. He gets out and Kitty (Monster Kid) follows him thinking to himself that "she's on his list now". He encounters Noykel again, she picks up Kitty instead of him then putting her down and leaves. He is determinated seeing "Kitty's ass up in the air". After encountering Noykel another time he falls to the dump. He finds another sex-doll and starts sexually touching it. The sex doll becomes mad and treatens to cut his dick off. It runs away as Blooksanap starts crying. He then proceedes to her house and starts lying to feel like trash she then sits on his cock and then cumshots the ceilling. Noykel encounters him the last time before battle with Kitty saving him. Kitty aproaches him on a bridge then they discuss being enemies when Noykel comes. Kitty trips and Frisky saves her then Noykel leaves continuing to them having sex. "One clean up later" he battles Noykel by just sliding under her and running away to Hottieland. He drinks all the water and cums on Noykel instead of giving her water.