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Undeadtale is an AU created by Thuyenthegreat on the 20th of april,2017. It revolves around what the underground would be like during a zombie apocalyptic event.

NOTE: this does not have any ties to Zombietale in anyway,and the 2 AUs contains very different stories.

Opening sequence

"Experiment log #1: Today is the day. I'm going to try bringing her back. It's been a while since...the event. And i've been struggling to get on without her...And to think,it was all my fault. I can't bear to live with this. I must find a way to fix my mistakes. For the second time ever,im going to-*cuts to static.*"

"Experiment log #4: I've finally done what i have to do,it took a while will all be worth it,i have to see her again. It's been too much for me these past...weeks...Of course,*STATIC* said i should just move on. He said that it wasnt my fault that she...But i wouldn't hear it. What does he know?"

"Experiment log #10: I've started the machine,in just a few months,i would see her again. Finally,after months of preparing,of vigorous researching...It all leads up to this. But im worried,i tried this technique once before,it resulted in *static*...though,you can say they were "alive",but they were *STATIC*...But this time,ive made improvements. I'm certain this is going to work. Im very certain. I know what im doing."

"Experiment log #25: Please no please no please no please no. This can't be happening,this can't be happening. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING. THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT HAVE I DO-*cuts to static*"


A Few months prior to Frisk falling into the underground,Undyne was killed during an experiment with Alphys. This caused Alphys to start experimenting with determination,in hopes of bringing her back using her ashes...But something went wrong. So very,very wrong. The next evening,sightings of strange,ash-colored figures popped up everywhere,what even more disturbing,is that these ash colored zombies bore disturbingly close resemblances to deceased monsters. These are magical ash monster zombies. And they are hunting for brains.

Changes to characters:

Sans: Sans now wields a gun behind his back,more specifically,a hunting rifle,has ash running down his hoodie and has had the upper left of his face eaten clean off,his left eye is simply not there.

Papyrus: Papyruses head had the top bitten off,this is the only change to his character though.

Toriel: Toriel will now wear a head band,camo facepaint,wears a gun holster and has 2 pistols in said holster.

Flowey: Flowey is now a full on ash zombie,and has several missing petals. A very noticable hole is between his eyes.

Undyne: Hidden in the true lab,now a monstrosity of determinination and ash.

Alphys: Hiding in the true lab,now a crying mess of tears,misery and anguish.

Asgore: Leading the remaining survivors to safety with the help of the remaining royal guards.

Mettaton: Looking for Alphys,and is running the lab instead of alphys,trying to find the cure.