Spear and Fear

Au belongs to Me

Ultrreror is a au that is REALLY corrupted (similiar to errortale)

The story starts here.

You start up undertale like normal.

Except it showed a Message: "Error" want to recover program UNDERTALE.exe ? Yes No

If you click recover the same message show

if you click "yes" 5 times...

A new message shows:

"WARNING ! Are you sure you want to recover UNDERTALE.exe ? this program might become corrupted and change the Program name. Yes No


then look at the program´s name.


Also the sprites in the game also corrupt same with dialouge (sorry if i typed that wrong)

It is possible to fight G_A"S-TE.R if your fun value is 82 (if its 81 you cant)

now its time for some random battle sprites that i made:





Spear And Fear

Use these sprite with permission !

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