Ultra!Tale is an AU where all the monsters are stronger and is basically a series I will make when i start my YouTube channel (Diomand Golem Gamer) and has multiple episodes.Here is a list.



Frisk falls down to the underground painfully.They walk over to a 6 eyed flower.It tells Frisk to touch its "Green pellets" which when he spawns them they are green but when they hit frisk they turn white.Flowey then throws a lot of green pellets and frisk dodges all but one and that one blows frisk up over to a wall.Frisk gets trapped in friendlyness pellets untill Toriel fireballs the front of the pellets and Frisk jumps through the hole.Toriel then GOAT PUNCHes flowey while GOAT PUNCH plays in the background with some John cena music.Flowey then says "I will be back" "and it will be your" then the screen turns black and then END appears.


Frisk moves to see a carpet that then starts flying at frisk and explodes but frisk dodges it in time.Frisk then pulls out there knife and tries to hit the ghostly shurikens coming at them but it just goes through The knife and blow frisk up.A knife nearly misses frisk.Napstablook shows himself and prepares an attack that he says is "impossible with a Uppercase EVERYTHING" and he does nothing.







(nothing happens)

Until a tear hits frisk in the back and they eventually pass out.When they wake up they are chained to the ground and napstablook totures them. Then it says END (bye the way frisk survived.) on the screen.


Everythings silent...until toriel lights up her dark basement with fire and throws it at frisk.Frisk dodges it but gets hit by Toriel's GOAT PUNCH and gets launched into a wall.


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