Back round 

i'll find you my old friend...


that was the last thing he herd before backing out 
. this is sans he might seem a little weird but he was never like this. Sans was like all the others but he doesn't have an papyrus. when he was a child he never had any friends, but one day a girl came up to him about his age she said her name is Missy and talk a little. soon after they became vary close friends. Sans always thought of Missy as sister or even day war broke out and the humans won. Missy tried her best to hied him but failed. he was put into the underground as well. Missy cried for days and so did sans they never forgot etcher. One day Frisk missy oldest sister jumped down mt.ebott and got teleported to a different au where she died later on by flowers. That fleet her and her family in despair. Rose the third oldest did the same. She died from doing genocide. Now it was only Her brother ,Cory, her parents, and her self. Missy soon had bin picked to do a test when she was 16. There where major effects on her. She got cat ears and a tale, along with magic, because that she could now talk to her dead sister ,Rose, but her sister didn't like how the world was treating her and distorted it. When that was happening sans was in snowed-in and saw that the ground was braking he tried to run but failed he was falling but Missy gave him she gave MERCY. He woke up the next day and remembered what happened and went out to find his friend 


blue jacket,turquoise turtleneck with light green and red bones on it,black basketball shorts with light green and red on the side of them, turquoise Converse light red and green socks. his skull has a turquoise tattoo on the right side, his eyes are light green and red,and has glitches. 


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