Underverse: Midsummer Night's Dream uses the out-codes as characters from William Shakespeare's show "A Midsummer Night's Dream".


  • Cross is the role of Oberon. He is the king of the faeries and ex, but soon husband of Titania.
  • Dream is the role of Titania. He is the "queen" of the faeries and ex but later husband of Oberon.
  • Destroyer is Oberon's elf companion, Puck.
  • Error is the role of Theseus. He is the soon-to-be husband of Hippolyta.
  • Ink is the role of Hippolyta. He is the soon-to-be "wife" of Theseus.
  • Create is the role of Philostrate. He is the advisor of Theseus.
  • Destroyer 2 is the role of Egeus. He is a father that is mad at his daughter for loving one she can't marry.
  • Creator is the role of Hermia. He is the "daughter" to Egeus, and loves Lysander, but must marry Demetrius.
  • What is the role of Lysander. He is the lover of Hermia.
  • S.K is the role of Demetrius. He loves Hermia, but is loved by Helena.
  • Swap is the role of Helena. She loves Demetrius, yet the love is not reciprocated.
  • Scrap is the role of Peter Quince. He hosts a show of "Romeo and Juliet" for Hippolyta and Theseus.
  • Sugarberry is the role of Nick Bottom. They get possessed, which turns them into a donkey, and Titania falls in love with them.

The rest later.

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