Request a role from LunaDeaminac on her wall. If you ask it here, you will not receive the role.

Do not just claim one.

Here is a list of roles that are open for claiming in UTAUWikiTale in order of appearance in Undertale. If more roles are needed later I will expand to other NPCs but these roles need to be filled first. (bare in mind that only canon UT characters and monsters can be used, no OC or otherwise non-canon characters can be used)


  • Whimsun (preferably with a connection to Whimsalot)
  • Loox (preferably with a connection to Gamerverseau)

Snowdin Forest

  • Snowdrake (preferably someone with a connection to ShironAndBlazeTheWikiFoxes)
  • Gyftrot

Snowdin Town

  • Snowdin inn keeper
  • Snowdin Librarian Lizard


  • Moldbygg (preferably with a connection to ColbaltTails)
  • Ferry


  • The Dress Lion (preferably someone who looks up to TNF)

MTT resort

  • Fish Receptionist (Restaurant)
  • MTT Resort Janitor


  • Whimsalot (preferably with a connection to Whimsun)

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