UTAUWikiSwap is an AU were all the characters of UTAUWikiTale swap with each other. MADE BY WIKI TEMMIE. DO NOT STEAL!

For more information, consult this AU's wiki.

Canon Swaps

Main Cast

  • Ink (Frisk) and Cinder05030 :) (Chara)
  • Deletey (OC, Flowey) and Construction Temling (OC, Temmie)
  • Createsans (Toriel) and UndertaleAUWikipersonandthings (Asgore)
  • 1WikiConstructiontemmie1 (Sans) and PAPYRUSISTHEBEST22 (Papyrus)
  • LunaDeaminac (Napstablook) and TheNitroFlamer (Mettaton)
  • Wiki Temmie (Asriel) and Neon1Umbreon (Monster Kid)
  • Bone Apetit (Undyne) and Nin10doGMod (Alphys)

Minor Cast

According to Underswap (though this AU will change some of these swaps):

HadrianTheFox - Grillby.

Createsans - Dummy

Bratty and Catty - RG 01 and RG 02.

Oheo - CNAS

Fusion - Shyren.

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