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This AU has no further presence online than this page.

UTAUWikiChange is an AU for UTAUWikiTale. It is a switchup AU of an entirely new idea.



  • Cinder is the main protagonist.
    • She inadvertently vandalizes pages, which makes users angry.
  • Bone Apetit is a Soulless user.
    • She was formerly the prince of the AU.
  • Flora Frisky is the Caretaker of the Lesser Area.
    • They care deeply about Cinder.
    • They don't want Cinder to leave the Lesser Area, as people care about the pages beyond that area.
  • Max041 is a monster found first in the Lesser Area.
    • They are often found editing the pages in the Lesser Area.
    • They sell supplies to Flora Frisky.
  • TheNitroFlamer is a laidback user found in Average Area pt 1.
    • They are a close friend to the ruler of the AU.
    • They are the only one that knows of Gasters control over Mad Cre.
  • Mad Cre is a hotheaded doll that wants into the Royal Guard.
    • She is more of a puppet, being controlled by Gaster.
  • Deletey is the head of the Royal Guard.
    • They are close to Mad Cre.
    • They taught Mad Cre culinary art.
  • LunaDeaminac is the Royal Scientist.
    • She in not romantically interested in Deletey.
    • She is Gasters successor.
  • Corly is the ruler of the AU.
    • They are unaware Gaster is controlling Mad Cre, but they do remember her.
  • WikiTem is the former prince/princess of the AU.
    • They were reborn after their death, as Bone Apetit.
  • Ink possesses Cinder during a Genocide Run.
    • He is the former child of Flora and Corly.
    • Unlike in UTAUWikiTale, he is evil.


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