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UT!Reload is an Undertale AU in which the present time is about 10 years after the original ending of Undertale. However, it also takes place in a different timeline, 10 years earlier.

This AU was created by Deviantart user, Keary, who can be found here:

About the AU

The current timeline of Reload takes place on the surface about a decade after the ending of Undertale. However, it also takes place in an entirely different genocide timeline that happens at around the same time as Undertale does. It takes place at these two different timelines because the characters from the main Reload AU want to help the Sans from the genocide timeline get all his friends back.


  • Frisk is about 18-19, can use magic (somewhat), and has a much more powerful soul, despite still being Lv 1
  • Sans and Papyrus have not changed at all
  • Papyrus does have a fan club now, though
  • Toriel has aged by one year, as Asriel was brought back
  • Asgore is not really anywhere to be seen
  • Undyne and Alphys are now married
  • Mettaton (who prefers to be called a she) is a fashion designer, and loves Papyrus
  • Keary added her own character named Kero, who is basically a plushie with a soul