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UNDERCOOK is a small fan game made by Jonochrome and uploaded to Gamejolt. It was published on March 29, 2016. The game can be downloaded on Windows and Mac at:


The plot begins with meeting the chef, Archo. He invites the player to fight them until someone's HP drops to 1. There are a total of 3 endings.


To get this ending, attack Archo during his special attack. He will then say that he can not hold his special attack, and will offered a draw. The protagonist must spare him, and he will say that his world is so small that the player will quickly forget about him. He then says that's for the best stating that if you forget about the good times, you will not miss them.


For this ending you will need to perform the ending conditions for the Draw, but attack him again instead of sparing. Upon attacking Archo, his health drops to zero. During his death, he says that is is glad he won't remember you.

The game then crashes.


To get this ending you need to choose MERCY during Archo's special attack. Archo will be surprised and declare that he won.

He will also win in the event of the protagonist's HP falling to 1 - then he will thank the player for a fun battle.

Fun Facts

The soundtrack in the battle is the reverse version of the soundtrack and MEGALOVANIA Bonetrousle

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