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"Frisk is acting weird. The timeline is stuck in a loop. What now? Sans is the only one who can search for answers."
Twitchy Timeloop

Twitchy Timeloop is an AU where Sans' and Papyrus' chaotic journey across the many, many AUs of Undertale.


Desperate to change the reoccurring timelines and the problems the human seems to be going through, Sans uses a device that allows him to visit other timelines. He leaves Papyrus behind to deal with the human, but not wanting to be left out when he could be helping Sans, Papyrus takes one of the devices on his own and jumps across the timelines.

This AU features an updating comic that explores various other AUs during their travels.




The Human

Underfell Flowey

W. D. Gaster


Comic Papyrus

Fresh Sans



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