(not real AU i made it up in Blocksworld)

  • Twistycrust is an au like Underswap, Storyshift, and Storyswap. PS:PTR means Plays the role.
  • PS 2: PTRA means Plays the role as.
  • Charcters: Undyne is Swapped with Flowey (a flower named Flowdyne)
  • Sans Plays the role as Chara
  • Frisk Plays the role as Alphys
  • Chara Plays the Role as Undyne
  • Monster Kid PTR as Sans
  • Temmie PTR as Papyrus
  • Papyrus PTR as Napstablook
  • Asriel PTR as Toriel
  • Papyrus PTR as Napstablook
  • Asgore PTR as Mettaton
  • Mettaton plays the role as Monster kid
  • Burgerpants PTR as Mad Dummy
  • Flowey PTR as Monster kid
  • Nice Cream Guy PTR as Dummy
  • Nabstablook PTR as Undyne
  • Mettaton PTRA Frisk
  • Mad Dummy plays the role as Amalgamates
  • Amalgamites PTR As The shop keepers
  • Muffet has the role of Asgore
  • Toriel Plays The role of Muffet
  • Annoying dog plays the role of Grillby
  • Grillby PTR as Gaster
  • Alphys PTR as Asriel
  • Napstablook plays the role of Annoying dog
  • Burgerpants PTR as Mad dummy
  • All other characters are the same
  • PLOT |
  • V
  • 1c Pon a TEm 2 rAccEsS ROolEd 0vAr ErtH HOOmaNS NaND MoNsTeMs
  • 1 DeaAeY WaRS Whent OvArR ERtAh
  • Da H0o/\/\Ans did a madgic speial to Put MoNstEms UnDa Ground
  • but Hoomans Fail and Da monsters all Fall in da cave underground.
  • Den 7 Hoomans Fell and 1 Human was Names Frisk!

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