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TwistingSwap is another swapping AU created by GoldenDust66. Rather than just main characters or certain minor characters swapping, EVERY CHARACTER in the ENTIRETY OF UNDERTALE is swapped with someone else! Everyone gets swapped here!! (Except for most basic enemies, so...)

Main Characters

Ruins Dummy

Ruins Dummy takes the Protagonist/Player Role. They are expressionless, emotionless, and leviatate instead of walking.


Burgerpants takes the Empty One Role. He tries to trick the protagonist with 'outstanding burgers' which are actually quite terrible.


Alphys takes the Caretaker Role. She saves Ruins Dummy from Burgerpants and cares for them throughout the Ruined Lab.


Jerry takes the Judge Role. He is the first monster to greet the player in Snowdin, after they leave the Ruined Lab.


Greater Dog takes the Ambitious Role. He strives to join the Royal Guard, and is under the training of Frisk.


Frisk takes the Captain of the Guard Role. She is a humanoid monster whose main weapon is a stick, and yet she's captain of the Royal Guard.


Asriel takes the Scientist Role. He is the creator of Bratty's robot body, and he has a crush on Frisk.


Bratty takes the Celebrity Role. She is the sole star of the Underground, and she abandoned her friend, Catty for the fame.


Gerson takes the Monarch Role. He is the king of the Underground, and he killed six Dummies prior to the beginning of this AU.

River Person

River Person takes the Soulless Angel Role. She was good friends with the Mad Dummy before they both died. He was good friends with Mad Dummy before they both died. His dust was scattered, most of it fusing with his deceased cat, which was eventually injected with DETERMINATION.

Mad Dummy

Mad Dummy takes the Fallen Role. He was good friends with River Person before they both died.

Minor Characters


Catty takes the Recluse Role.

L. S. R. Dogg

Lesser Dog takes the Forgotten Scientist Role. He was the creator of the CORE before his death.


Flowey takes the Inactive Role. He is found in the Ruined Lab.

Spider Kid

Muffet takes the Idolizer Role. She just wants to see he idol, Frisk, in action.

Annoying Monster

Monster Kid takes the Accidental God Role.


Undyne takes the Secret Boss Role.


Sans takes the Second Comedian Role (Custom role name for Snowdrake). He wishes to be a comedian, but all he knows are bad skeleton puns.


Papyrus takes the Comic Clone Role (Custom role name for Chilldrake). He appears if Sans is killed.


Asgore takes the Enraged Role.

Nice Cream Guy

Nice Cream Guy takes the Transport Role.


Chara takes the Repetitive Vender Role.


Glyde takes the Perceverence Vender Role

Dogamy and Dogaressa

Dogamy and Dogaressa take the Trash Venders Role.


Gaster takes the Oppressed Vender Role. He says he 'could have been a famous scientist'.


Chilldrake takes the Outrageous Vender Role. He tries to sell pun-cicles, even though they cost thousands of G.


Toriel takes the Pettable Role.

Annoying Dog

Annoying Dog takes the Blind Role.

Memoryhead and Reaper Bird

Memoryhead and Reaper Bird takes the Unit Pair Role.

Other Differences

  • The Ruins is replaced with the Ruined Lab.

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