Twistedtale is an Undertale AU created by Zero 3-2-5-1 on Soundcloud.


Frisk- Frisk takes the colours of Monster Kid in this AU. He/she wears a yellow and dark brown striped shirt with blonde hair.

Flowey/Asriel- Flowey is known is The Great Flowey with red petals and a green stem. His true identity is Papyrus.

Toriel- Toriel is Alphys, she wears a mix of red, grey and blue colours. She acts as the guardian of the Ruins and is nervous of Undyne.

Sans​- Sans in this AU replaces Chara, but instead of a skeleton, he is a human with a blue-striped sweater and white hair, and instead of Chara's signature red eyes, he has blue eyes.

​Chara​- Chara in this AU replaces Alphys in this AU. Chara has a crush on Asriel (who replaces Undyne), and Chara's appearance is pretty much the same in Twistedtale, except for the addition of a lab coat and glasses. Chara is male in this AU.

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