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Twistedtale is an Undertale AU created by Zero 3-2-5-1 on Soundcloud.


Frisk- Monster Kid takes the form of Frisk in this AU. He/she wears a yellow and dark brown striped shirt with blonde hair. They are the main protagonist. 

Chara- Sans in this AU replaces Chara. He wears a blue-striped sweater, and instead of Charas signature red eyes, he has blue eyes. He is also the brother/best friend to Papyrus, who is Queen Undyne's and Alphys' (most likely adopted) child.

Flowey/Asriel- Flowey is known is The Great Flowey with red petals and a green stem. His true identity is Papyrus.

Napstablook- Grillby is in the place that Undertale Napstablook is. He most likely wears a fire-proof blanket over himself the give the illustion of a ghost (though it is not confirmed to be true, as there isn't too much information on Grillby).

Toriel- Toriel is replaced by Alphys. She wears a mix of red, grey and blue colours. She acts as the guardian of the Ruins and is nervous of Undyne.

Sans- The role of Sans belongs to Napstablook. He wears a hoodie and is the sombre relative to Mettaton. In the genocide route, Napstablook confronts you in the judgement ha


ll and gains a blue right eye, similar to Undertale Sans.


Papyrus- Mettaton becomes Papyrus in this universe. He/She loves to give Monster Kid puzzles, most likely for show purposes, and is in their 'EX'  form for the entiretly of the "game".

Mad Dummy- Gaster posseses the Dummy in the events of the story and despite the role not being Gaster himself, it is mearly a Dummy with a black coat and scratches across its face, to resemble him.

Undyne- Undyne is replaced by Asriel. He holds a sword and is in his 'adult form'. Asriel is apart of the Royal Guard and wears high boots and armor. Chara often hangs out with him at the Garbage Dump.

​Alphys- Chara replaces Alphys in this AU. Chara has a crush on Asriel (who replaces Undyne), and Chara's appearance is pretty much the same in Twistedtale, except for the addition of a lab coat and glasses.

Mettaton- Muffet takes on the role of Mettaton. In 'BOX' version, she has six seperate arms and two wheels, to make herself appear to be spider-like. She goes on many shows, such as "Cooking With A Killer Spider" and is therefore the Undergrounds' star.

Muffet- Muffet is replaced by Toriel. She is a less kind-hearted version of  Undertale Toriel and instead of having an army of spiders, she has many snails to her disposal. It is unsure for what her pet is, however. She owns a 'Bake Snail'. (....get it? I thought of that myself hehe)

Asgore- Instead of Asgore, Undyne is the ruler of the underground. She wears a red cape and silver crown and fights you at the barrier.

Undyne The Undying- Because Asriel replaces Undyne, the genocide route leads to Sans/Monster Kid fighting a much stronger version of Asriel. He has a larger sword and longer horns than before and also has slighly different armor changes, similar to Undertale Undynes'. 

Trivia/Fun Facts

  • Muffet turns into 'Omega Muffet' in the genocide route.
  • Asgore is Grillby and sells flower tea.
  • Flowey/Papyrus wears a red scarf
  • At the end of the story, Chara and Asriel kiss each other
  • Zero 3-2-5-1 has made the TwistedTale entire soundtrack on his Soundcloud


  • Undyne and Alphys are both female, so Papyrus can't exist. (Papyrus is supposed to be their child.)
  • Papyrus is a skeleton and so cannot grow. Therefore, he shouldn't be able to transform during his true pacifist fight.
  • Monster Kid, who is frisk, has no arms and can't pick items up or fight. Though it may be intentional, as he is a pacifist and shouldn't fight anyway. The error remains in the genocide route however.
  • Mettaton, who is papyrus, puts Monster Kid in danger for a show, even though Muffet is already the star and Mettaton's work would be unnecessary.
  • Napstablook is a ghost, so at the end of the genocide route when you fight him, he can't physically die. Making the fight impossible to win.

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